International Cupid Login

Performing an international cupid login is very easy especially if you are a member of Cupid. As a member, you can login directly by entering your login details where appropriate. However, if you are not one, then the login process is a little more detailed. First of all, you have to create an account before you can perform a login process.

international cupid loginThe international cupid account login process is as follows:

International Cupid Login

  1. Open a web browser and type in the web address then click enter
  2. Once the website homepage address enters, go to the top right corner and click on the link Login
  3. Select the language option you want by clicking on the drop-down menu near the login link
  4. Once you click on Login, a login page will appear. On that page, enter your email address and your password.
  5. Finally, Click on Login to enter into your account. If your account fails to login, check if the login details are correct and if they are not, enter the correct ones accordingly.
  6. Also, you can use your Facebook account to login. All you need to do is to click on the link Login with Facebook.

International Cupid login problems

How to recover International cupid login password?

Some problems associated with the login process include: forgetting your password, wrong entry of login details etc. when these problems occur, you do not have to worry that your account has been lost. All you have to do is to carry out the appropriate steps need to rectify these problems.

In the case of Forgotten password these are the steps to follow:

  1. On the login section of the international cupid website, click on the link Forgot password
  2. Once you do, a password reset page will appear.
  3. On that page, enter your email address and then your 4 digit code as seen in the image
  4. Finally, click send.
  5. An email will be sent to your email inbox. Open your inbox to access the mail.
  6. In the mail, is a link. Click on the link to access a new page
  7. On the page are series of steps which when you follow will lead to your password is reset.
  8. The new password gotten after password reset can now be used to log into the account.

How to register a new account?

As a newcomer to Cupid, there are certain things you have to do so as to be able to enjoy the maximum experience from cupid. One of the things is the signing up for a new account. Signing up or creating a new account is exclusively for those who do not have an account.

To create an account, go to the homepage of the Cupid website and on the login section, enter the details:

  1. Enter your first name
  2. Choose your gender
  3. Select your age and email address
  4. Finally, choose your password
  5. Then click on the button View Singles Now. Once you do, your account will be created
  6. Using your search engine which is on the left side of your profile search for the type of persons that you want
  7. Next, upload your profile picture
  8. When using the free version, you will get limited services.
  9. To get the premium version. In this version, the service gotten is unlimited.
  10. Choose your plan and payment method.