Integrity Staffing – dreaming of working with Amazon?

At present Amazon is hiring 500 full-time workers. These workers will enjoy benefits included at their Indiana Fulfillment center and Jeffersonville. In case you will like to work with Amazon, you can go to or to learn more about the opportunities and apply. Even though the positions available are temporary, with time they can become permanent positions. If you have been dreaming of working with Amazon, grab this opportunity to apply and get a job there. Applying through the website is very easy and free.

Integrity Staffing - dreaming of working with Amazon?

Do you know that Integrity Staffing

compiles a list of all the vacant positions in Amazon on their job site including Indiana, Kentucky, Shepherdsville, and Jeffersonville? Because all the jobs come with a posting date, you will see every detail of the job including the Job title, posting date, and lots more. Once you click on the job title, you will get the job description giving you detailed information such as the following:

a snapshot of the pay, duties, basic requirement, location, description, and shift schedule as well as job duration.

Additionally, the website provides a lot of details about how to apply for jobs at Amazon. As a potential candidate, you can register for an account with Integrity Staffing online. Each job listed on Amazon carries instructions on how to apply. Just click on the How To Apply section of the job description to learn how to do it. There are 2 options for the application process. You can apply online or walk into a particular location Monday to Friday at normal work hours.

Below are the locations:

  • First, Kentucky Fulfillment Center is Residence Inn 333 East Market Street Louisville, KY.
  • Also, Jefferson, Indiana is 1453 10th Street, Youngstown Shopping Center.

All the applicants who get hired at Amazon

can start earning at least $11 per hour based on their positions. The majority of the vacant positions are warehouse jobs within fulfillment centers. Amazon employees often get dental and medical benefits.

If you have been a long-time job seeker, this is a perfect opportunity to apply for a job at Amazon. Amazon is a trusted company and has a lot of workers all over the world. Working with Amazon will give you a lot of opportunities. Go ahead to apply, you may end up getting the job that you so much desire. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply now.


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