How to Share Video with Apple iCloud – it’s very easy to retrieve.

Are you using an Apple device? Have you used up space in your phone or do you have a need for more? Let’s talk about Apple iCloud and how it can help you get more storage space. One of the latest inventions of technology is the ability to Share Video with Apple iCloud and also share it. It’s one of the safest places you can store anything and it’s very easy to retrieve.How to Share Video with Apple iCloud

Amongst other cloud storage options, iCloud shines because it incorporates the same sleek design and simple user interface that has become integral to the brand and appealing to users. Apple iCloud has the most users of any cloud storage service in the United States. You can Share Video with Apple iCloud and store music, videos, and other important files. Also, if you’re upgrading your Apple software you can store your files in the cloud to avoid losing it completely.

Share photo and video albums with iCloud – Apple Support › guide › icloud › icloud

Share and collaborate on albums. You can share photo and video albums with friends and family who use iCloud, and they can view shared albums in the Photos app.

How to Share and Store Video With Apple iCloud – Lifewire › … › Cloud Services

How to Share a Video … Open your iCloud Drive in any browser. Then: In the iCloud Drive screen, select the video. … Select Email or Copy Link.

The easiest way to share iPhone photos and videos – CNET › Tech › Mobile

Sharing photos and video with iCloud link … First, make sure that iCloud Photos is enabled. Open Settings, tap your Apple ID at the top, and then …

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How to Send a Large Video From Your iPhone in 3 Ways › Tech Reference

Send large videos via iCloud … You can also use Mail Drop, another Apple program, to send large files over iCloud. 1. From the Photos app, …

How to Send Large Video Files – Alphr › … › Devices › iPhone

The iCloud comes with 5GB of free storage. And if you have a video file that is up to 5GB, you can use iCloud to send it. Here’s what you need to

Apple devices have an integrated Apple ecosystem. iCloud fits right into this ecosystem by providing you space to automatically store your files in the cloud – video included – so that you can access them from anywhere with ease.

How to access Apple iCloud

All you need to start using iCloud is your Apple ID and password. If you own an Apple device, such as an iPhone, MacBook, or iPod, you had to create an Apple ID to start using your device. Use this same information to log into iCloud from any internet-connected device, and you can start uploading and accessing files.

Using iCloud with iTunes

Apple’s iCloud integrates perfectly with iTunes. Anything that you purchase on iTunes – whether it be a movie, show, or song, you can access them anywhere you have internet by using your iCloud account. To use iCloud on your computer you’ll need to have a current version of iOS – either OSX or 10.7.4 and later. Then, you can turn on iCloud by going to System Preferences, clicking on iCloud, and choosing the applications and devices you’d like to sync to your account. You can choose to enable iTunes, iPhoto, email, calendars, contacts, and documents.

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iCloud doesn’t include Quicktime integration. This is probably because internet speeds aren’t fast enough to accommodate large video uploads, which would make iCloud less efficient. Video uploading will probably come in the future, but for now, you can enjoy any of the videos you download, rent, or buy from iTunes on any mobile device or television that has an internet account.

To do this

simply log in to your Apple ID from your chosen internet-enabled device, and you’ll be able to browse your iTunes account as though you were sitting in front of your home computer. If you purchased a three-day movie rental on your laptop but want to show it to your kids on your television, just access it via the cloud!

In addition, any of the music, movies, or shows you purchase on your iPad, iPod or iPhone will be accessible using iCloud. A good rule of thumb is if you purchased it using your Apple ID, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere. This includes all of the mobile applications you’ve purchased for your device from a different photo and video editors to special effects and social video apps. If you want to upgrade your iPhone, all of these apps will be stored in the cloud so that you can download them again for free to your new device.

Using iPhoto for Photos and Home MoviesUsing iPhoto for Photos and Home Movies

iPhoto’s integration with iCloud is perhaps the best feature for video lovers. Any of the movies you take using your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even the built-in camera on your laptop can be stored and saved in the Cloud.

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Apple mobile devices take great quality HD video, and with mobile editing applications like iMovie, iSupr8, Thread life, Director, and more, you can produce and save professional videos on your phone.

Most mobile video editing apps include a feature that lets you export your completed video to your camera roll. Once a video is saved to your camera roll, you can either upload it to iCloud directly from your mobile device or import it to your laptop and upload it to iTunes. Either way, the video will be stored for safekeeping. And you’ll be able to access it to show to friends and family anywhere you are.

iCloud is a great resource for iOS users. If you already have an Apple device, get started with iCloud to integrate your videos, music, and photos for your viewing and listening pleasure!