How To Create a New Yahoo Email Account With Easy

Yahoo mail pioneered the evolution of electronic mails. It is a free email service offered by the leading tech and news giant Yahoo. It was later acquired by ATT to help promote the service and further enhance its mail

Yahoo mail offers 1,000 GB of storage to all users of the account. With this, users can send and receive large attachments. This is similar to the paid services you get from the likes of Dropbox, and other cloud storage program.

Yahoo mail allows users to configure and manage their inbox, send and receive emails from other webmail providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL.

Create a New Yahoo Email; The Simple Steps

You create your new Yahoo mail by;

  1. with your browser, visit yahoo mail homepage and click on the create account button.
  2. Enter the required details as expected by from you. You will need to enter your name, email username,  sex, date of birth, telephone number country and more.
  3. On completing the form, click on the create account button.
  4. Next, Yahoo mail will want to verify your account to ensure you are not a robot. A verification pin will be sent to your provided phone number and it is expected that you enter the code in the space provided.

Congratulation, as you are now an account holder with Yahoo. If you have any challenge with the setting up your email account, you please send your complains through our comment boss.

Importance of Yahoo Mail and why you Need to Create a New Yahoo Email Account

with your yahoo email account, you;

  1. You can use the email to set up other accounts that require an email address.
  2. Yahoo Mail email can be used to save and sent multimedia files to your clients and friends.
  3. Your email can be used to sent email messages to friends and client.
  4. You can use your yahoo mail as a backup for your contacts and files that you want to use in the future.

You can see that it is easy to Create a New Yahoo Email Account from your devices.

NB: Always remember to keep your email username and Password word safe.