Copeland restaurant – get your dining experience at their restaurant

Copeland restaurant. Did you visit Copeland`s of New Orleans Restaurant recently? Do you know that if you file an online survey you will get a free gift? The free gift could be a discounted delicious meal or a free dessert on your next visit. The survey does not take time at all to complete; it takes less than 10 minutes of your time. Questions asked are not hard to answer. The essence of the survey is to get your dining experience at their restaurant. They want to know how well you were treated, how delicious their meal is, and what areas you will like them to make improvements on. After completing the survey, you will get your free gift in form of a printable coupon. Save the coupon after printing it and take it along with you to the restaurant next time to enjoy your gift.

Copeland restaurant - get your dining experience at their restaurant

Copeland restaurant

wants to improve its services and give their clients the very best service they need. All they want is to make sure their staff gives you good treatment whenever you come to dine in any of their restaurants. The company asks multiple-choice questions, you can select the answer you feel suits the question.

However, to take the online survey you have to find the receipt from your last visit. The receipt contains information that you need to supply before taking the survey. You will need the receipt number, server`s name, date of visit, time of the visit, and an 8 digit shopper invitation number.

Since the survey does not take time, you can give it a trial. Please, ensure to make sure you only leave an honest opinion on the survey. In case you had a bad experience, you can write this in the comment box and carefully explain what happened. The company will take decisive action to ensure you don`t have an ugly experience next time. Note that lying about your experience can make somebody lose his/her job, just be honest.

There are just a few companies

out there who would take this kind of survey to know how their customers feel or how to provide them with better services. No wonder Copeland`s restaurant has a whole lot of people frequenting it to dine in it.

If you are a frequent customer of Copeland`s, go-ahead to take the survey and enjoy a discount on a meal or get a free dessert. The survey is not for only old customers, as a new customer, you can give it a trial.


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