Location Apps – find out all about THE place you are visiting

Even before you visit a place, you can find out all about it including the best hotels, tourist attractions, the best restaurants, and so on. This is made possible by Location Apps. These Location Apps utilize your device’s GPS technology to find where you are and immediately give you tips, reviews, and recommendations about the place you’re at from real people who’ve already been there before.

To avoid spending unnecessarily and making bad choices, search the following location apps for tips. All you need is your smartphone to get a genuine opinion from real people including friends on your social network who have visited that place before.

  • Location AppsFoursquare / Location Apps

The Foursquare is one of the most popular location-based apps that people use to check in to places and share with their friends. Also, Foursquare is currently divided into two: the Foursquare app is intended for location discovery while its Swarm app is used for social sharing. Next, Foursquare lets you select a number of interests or “tastes” so that it can provide better location recommendations to you. You can even select a particular taste and see tips left from other users who visited nearby places.

  • Yelp

If you’re looking for lots of reviews from real people about specific places, Yelp is a must-have app. Not only can you get directions to a place, see what’s on their menu if it’s a restaurant, browse photos and check in there yourself — you’ll also have access to thousands and thousands of star ratings and reviews. The most helpful highlighted user reviews are listed first. So you can always be sure to see the best information first without needing to go through the whole list.

  • Gogobot

Gogobot is the ultimate travel app to have on your phone. If you’re traveling to a brand new place as a trip or vacation, Gogobot can give you all sorts of details about hotels, rentals, restaurants, and things to do while you’re there. This is another app that learns about your interests and delivers personalized recommendations. Everything also has a five-star rating system. So you always see the average rating of a place, with the option to expand it and read individual user reviews.

  • Facebook Place Tips

Facebook recently introduced a new feature into its iOS app, called Place Tips. It’s starting out in New York City first, and it’ll be rolled out to other locations and Android users eventually. This is not a separate app, so all you need is your regular Facebook app installed. When you check your News Feed. You may see tips and recommendations about nearby locations listed at the top. Tapping on on a tip will show you photos and posts from friends who may have visited already in addition to other relevant information — like popular features, upcoming events, and reviews from previous visitors.

  • Urbanspoon / Location Apps

People are always eager to find out where to get the best foods. Urbanspoon is all about dining experiences and nothing else. Nobody likes bad food or terrible service, so using the app to find out more about restaurants. Bars and other places from people who’ve dined there already can help you make better choices when deciding where to grab a meal or a drink. You’ll be able to see menu items along with photos. And you can see what’s popular nearby or adjust your location to places you may be traveling towards.


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