University of Arts Academy Online Email Access

Are you a student at the University of Arts? Do you need to gain access to your school`s online email account? If yes, follow through in this article. By going to your school`s web portal, you can access your personal school email account by signing in. You can use your login details to access your email. Note that your username must always end with the campus email domain name of arts academy

Ensure that your password is mixed with upper and lower characters as well as numbers to ensure that someone does not easily hack your account or commit fraud with it. This is not to say that the password should be so difficult that even you cannot remember it. Use something simple that you can always remember but hard to duplicate.

University of Arts Academy Online Email

There is also a provision at the website for students who want to change their passwords. This is important, regularly changing your password can keep your account safe. To change your password, click on the “Change Password“ link at the top of the page. You can do this every six months or so.

To keep an effective email account, the website has very unique features that will help you. Your account has a contact list as well as a calendar. The contact list helps you know your fellow students especially those in your grade. It as well keeps the list of your Professors in case you need to reach them through email. The calendar helps you keep track of your classes, meetings, and activities.

You as well have quality storage space for sending and receiving large files. Interestingly and most importantly, your email accounts have protection with spam and malware filters to secure your account from spyware and viruses.

I am sure you find this last feature very interesting as viruses and spyware often destroy our personal information when they are not protected. On this website, you will never entertain the fear of losing any of your vital information at all.

Having access to your school’s email address keeps you informed of activities going on in your grade, department, and the whole school. They say that knowledge is power, if you are not informed, certain details may pass you by. Ensure you gain access to your school`s email account to be updated.

Using your school`s email is a privilege. It should be done with caution and care. Using the school`s email unnecessarily can make the school revoke it or exempt you completely. Also, note that whenever you use your personal school email account that your school email account will show in the “from“ field. So, when sending an email with it, send responsive emails, and be careful how you use it.


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