LOOPT – narrow down results and options to your nearest location.

Location-based apps come in handy when you need to narrow down results/options to your nearest location. You can check into various real-world locations and find friends around you. Also, they utilize your phone’s GPS technology. Loopt was one of such services. Unfortunately, the Loopt service was discontinued after it was acquired in 2012 by Green Dot Corporation. This article is for reference purposes.

Also, Loopt was a great service for the time it lasted (2005 – 2012). It allowed users to control different parts of their privacy while also giving them the opportunity to connect with other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


How Loopt Worked

Firstly, Loopt was a standalone app that users could download for free to their devices. After downloading and installing it, a user could check into any nearby location detected via their device’s GPS system. Upon check-in, users can see who else was at a venue, look at photos related to the venue, read tips left by visitors or even get discounts.

The Loopts Star product was rolled into their flagship app along with their association with and discounts from major brands. Loopts was available on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and iPhones.

Loopt as Group Messenger

Like Foursquare, Loopt could help users find nearby friends and publish check-ins to Facebook and Twitter. Loopts also pulled in some of the best features of group messaging products, like geo-based text messaging and photo sharing.

Location-based Services Today

Today, almost every major social network has its own location tagging feature. You can check into locations on Facebook, add a location to a tweet on Twitter, tag your Instagram photo or video to a location and even put fun geotag images on your Snapchat messages. There are also other great location-based services such as Foursquare and Yelp. You can use these options in place of Loopt.


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