Check for Bright House Promotions – on what you need

Do you know that Bright House is using the Let`s Connect offer to give new customers promotions and deals for cables, internet, and phone services? To know the current promotions and deals they give in your area, visit, choose the city and state you live in. They have 2 offer options of either 12 months or 24 months; you can review and choose an option. The website is very easy to access and you can use whatever device you have been it a tablet, phone, or laptop. It is also important to know that the website is open 24/7, you only need an internet connection.

Check for Bright House Promotions - on what you need

There are different packages to choose from

Depending on what you need and can afford. Before you make an order, you can compare the available deals to know the most suitable one for you. Bright House gives television service under the Premier TV and Standard TV packages. Premier TV gives you more than 250 channels while Standard gives about 70 channels. Lightening 35 Internet and Standard Internet are their high-speed internet packages with the Lightening 35 package providing about 35 Mbps download speed and the Standard package about 15 Mbps.

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Furthermore, Bright House offers Echo service which removes Wi-Fi dead zones. Even when the service in certain areas of your home is not strong, it will completely eliminate weak signals in such areas. This makes it possible for you to enjoy quality internet services and the streaming of videos. The service helps you and other customers to enjoy On-Demand Services. You can as well watch the contents you have missed or watch a re-run show. There is a feature called TV everywhere, can use it to watch TV on your phone from whatever location you are. You only need to download the app on your phone to enjoy watching with it.

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Do you know that customers

Who chooses a bundled package of Internet, phone, and TV to save a lot of money as they get a discount? You can get Premier TV, Lightening 35 internet, a whole-house DVR service, and a phone for $122 per month. This is far better than getting each of them separately. The lowest deal for Standard Internet and Phone goes for $54, so getting all of them together for as low as $122 saves a lot of money. Do you know that their DVR has a storage space that is 6 times more than other DVRs? It as well permits users and customers to record up to 6 shows at a time. Do you not find all the details of the offer interesting? Why not give a trial to the Bright House Promotions in your area?


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