Bluebird Card Activate

Bluebird is an American Express prepaid card. It comes with lots of outstanding features and perks. To enjoy the amazing features of the card you need to get the card.

Bluebird Card Activate

However, if you just received the Bluebird card, you will have to pass through the activation procedure. The activation procedure is very simple. This write-up will be providing simple activation steps.

As a new Cardholder, you will also learn how to log in and pay your bills, all in this post. So bit your tent here as you get the full guide.

Activation Steps

To activate your American Express Bluebird card, you can activate it over the phone or online. Follow the guide under to activate online

  • Proceed to the activation page at
  • Enter your 15 digits card number
  • Type in the last four digits ID behind your card.
  • Tap on the Confirm link
  • Provide other info on the new page and follow the prompts.

To activate the card by phone, call on their customer care team to help you out, with your card info handy.

Bluebird Credit Card Login

Take these simple steps to access your account.

  • Go to
  • Scroll straight to the top of the screen and tap on the “login” tab. It will display the login screen.
  • Input your user ID and password
  • Pres on the remembers me box if you want to login freely, next time.
  • Scroll down and click on the “log in” box.

You’re free to access your account, anywhere, anytime.

Recovering Login User ID/Password

Should in case you were unable to access your account, maybe the User ID and password are incorrect.

However, to recover your account password or user ID, tap on the “ forgot user ID or password” button, from the login screen.

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Then continue with further directives on the screen.

Bluebird Credit Card Payment

If you want to pay for your CC bill online, you will need to log into your account.

  • On your cc account, locate the pay button and tap on it.
  • Key in the data required, including the amount, to make your payment and follow the guide.

For phone payments: cardmembers can also make their payments by phone. But before calling the customer care team, ensure you have your card information at hand.

Card Features

The American Express Bluebird card comes with the following features

Offers access to free direct deposit

Provides free online bill pay system for members

Access to free ATM at over 24, 000 MoneyPass ATM locations

Cardholders can order and send checks

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Provides quality customer care

24/7 customer support.

Bluebird Credit Card Customer Service

Bluebird offers quality and outstanding customer support cardholders. It offers an online chat system for quick answers to queries concerning the card.

Moreover, the customer care phone number is available on their official help page. To access their help or support page, click on the “help” button on their main site.

When You get the phone number, kindly place a call at once to get the help you need.

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