Backup Facebook Files | How to Backup Facebook

Backup Facebook files for future use. And how can we do that? The essence of this is to ensure that your files can be retrieved back even though your account was deleted. You get these files as offline copies which includes your photos that are on your profile and timeline.Backup Facebook Files

To make sure you have a successful backup, you can get yourself a CD, DVD or computer to store them. When your account crashes, you won’t get to lose your files as long as you have backup files.

Not until you lose important files uploaded on your Facebook account, you may never see the need to backup files. There are lots of benefits of backing up your file on the Facebook platform.

Benefits of Backup Facebook Files

Backup facebook files help users to keep a replica of the files that you have on your Facebook account. However, in much more difficult times such as account scamming and crash, you will be able to see the files to secure. Guess what your mode will be like seeing your files on Facebook unreachable.

Need for Backup facebook files

It will be wise of you to take advantage of the Backup facebook files as nothing will permanently be. Technical issues may arise and that may be the end of your files. Always track your ways to the safe paths. Backup facebook files are the safe path to take and dough heartbreak.

Sorts of data to Backup on Facebook

Most times not all photos are quite important, but the best thing to do is to download all the pictures, posts, and videos that you have shared on the Facebook platform. You can as well download your backup messages and chats of other Facebook users. But how can you do this safely?

Furthermore, you can download your friend list as well including pending friend requests, groups, and list of followers of their pages.

Safety steps to backup Facebook files

With the below steps, file backup on Facebook is made easier. First, move to the Facebook account, click on the menu and narrow down to settings > general settings.

  • As you have signed in to your account via your mobile phone or even your laptop, move to settings.
  • Find the General settings widget and click on it.
  • Look out for a link that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data” and click on it.
  • The next page shows you’re a copy of what you had shared on Facebook.
  • Hit the green bar tagged “start my archive” to download your Facebook data.

You will be asked to confirm the command as a pop-up box appears. Click on the blue icon to start my archive backup.

You will be sent an email when you download the file. Via the link sent along with the email, it will take you back to Facebook for you to re-enter your password. Allow the files to be saved as Zip files on your computer.

Select a folder for the location of the files. Open the folder and review the name “index”. Double click to see the basic HTML webpages linked to all the files you have downloaded.

Finally, your entire album will be saved on its own folder. The pictures will appear in the photos folder. The HTML files and images will as well be saved in different images files.

You have achieved a successful backup if you got to the final step.


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