AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail is an amazing free web-based email service. The service is provided by AOL, which is a part of Verizon Communications. The platform offers features to make sending and receiving emails more convenient and easy.  Some of the features includes virus protection, spelling check, spam checking, and many more.

AOL Mail Login

However, if you already have an AOL mail account, and want to access your account, read the below to learn how. The section also provide details on how to sign up for an account. In case you have some logging issue, maybe you forgot your login details, you will also learn how to recover your account.

If you have your smartphone, tablet or computer device, and network connection, you’re good to go.

AOL Mail Login Steps

How to log in using Google search

You can log in to your AOL mail using Google search. To do this, kindly follow the instructions below;

  • Navigate to Google
  • Then, search for
  • Tap on the AOL mail official link.
  • On the login section, enter your Username, email address or mobile number.
  • Tap on the Next button.
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If you forgot your username, click on the tab that says “forgot username?”

Logging in From AOL Homepage

To access AOL mail account from the AOL home screen, take these steps;

  • Launch your browser to access
  • On the home screen, click on the, sign in box at the top
  • It will lead you to the login page
  • Then enter the email address for Verizon.
  • Enter the password
  • To stay signed in, tap on the box under.
  • To further access your account, tap on the “sign button.

You don’t have an AOL mail account? Proceed with the steps below to sign up

AOL Mail Sign Up

To register for an account, navigate to the login page

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Tap on the Create an account tab

The registration form will appear on the screen.

Key in your first and last name

Enter your email address and password

Input your mobile phone number

Enter your birthdate

Select your gender

Then, click on the “Blue” continue button.

On the next state, you will create your login details. With the login details, you will be able to access your account.


Check AOL Mail Using POP/IMAP

POP/IMAP are two protocols your set up if you want to use a third-party app to access your email. However, the third-party app lets users download or send AOL mail email.

However, email messages from the AOL account are retrieved through POP. After downloading an email, It stays in the app.  ALSO, this protocol (POP) download emails from an already existing folder to the inbox.

What does IMAP Do? IMAP keeps your account data and your app synced. It copies the activities on your mail

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AOL Mail 2021

The email platforms come with the following features;

  • Offers email attachment limit
  • Has a maximum mailbox size
  • Offers spam and virus protection
  • Spelling checking tool
  • Provides a link to other email accounts
  • Supports Protocols like POP, IMAP, and SMTP

These are features that come with the email platform.

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