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Kijiji is a classified website in Canada. It is also free ads placement site presently been owned by eBay. This is the reason it is called classified eBay in so many quarters.  The site is designed for Canadian and those within that reach. has almost turned out to be the most popular site in Canada. Just like Wikipedia, provides you with correct and factual data that you need. It presently has over 6 million classifieds listings posted on the portal.

Users can check out Kijiji contents based on region. There Kijiji Edmonton, Kijiji Montreal, Kijiji Ontario. The rest are Kijiji Calgary, Kijiji Alberta, Kijiji Halifax, Kijiji Toronto and more. You will not be able to maximize Kijiji if you are not logged in to the official page. The steps below will guide you on how to setup your Kijiji account and Kijiji Login.

Kijiji Sign Up

The signup process to Kijiji is as easy as. This Kijiji account is what you need to start posting your own free ads to get on,

  • Visit the official signup page at
  • Enter your bio in the space provided; your name, email address, password and more.
  • When you are through with the setup, click the “Register” to complete your signup process.

With this, you can now login your account anytime anywhere without stress. The guide below will take you through signup process. Login Online

when you are done setting up your Kijiji account, logging in would not be an issue. For safe login to your account,

  • Visit Kijiji web portal using any of your internets enabled device. You can click here to visit the page.
  • With the page opened, enter your email or username and then enter your password.
  • Click the sign in button located below

With this, if your account login details are correctly entered, you will gain access to your account stress.

Forgot Password

Without your correct password, you will be denied access to your account. But you can reset your password from the login page. Just click the “Forgot password” to start the process.  Enter your email to get a password reset mail sent to your inbox. Follow the link to reset your password and manage your Kijiji account.