The Associate Wellness Network Pharmacy Discount Card

The Associate Wellness Network Pharmacy Discount Card

Do you want to about 75% of your drug prescription cost? If your answer is yes, go to Associate Wellness Network. The Associate Wellness Network Pharmacy Discount Card helps its users and relatives to save about 75% on every prescription medication they get at select pharmacies around the United States. Just take your card to any select pharmacy and show it when checking out to get your discount. You get discounts automatically. This is very simple and easy to get. Cardholders do not need to undergo any stress.

The Associate Wellness Network Pharmacy Discount Card

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Associate Wellness Network often gives

Individuals a free card in the mail. In case you have not been given one, you can go to their website to request one. Their website is  Click on Get Your Free Card and then fill the registration form. They will demand your full name, residential address, email address, and in the end, click Submit. Wait for your card and welcome kit to arrive at your residence within 7to10 working days. The card you will get is pre-activated; you can start using it the moment you get it.

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Do you know that this card is accepted in more than 50,000 pharmacies while more than 7 million people use it? The card is free to use and it is a great way of saving money on medical bills. If as a cardholder, you already have insurance you can ask the pharmacist the benefit that gives you a greater discount. The card has greater benefit if your health insurance does not cover some medications that the Associate Wellness Network card covers.

For individuals

who do not have any health insurance at all, this is a great opportunity for them to freely reduce the cost of medication they get at pharmacies. The money can be channeled to take care of other expenses especially for people who are constantly sick.

Interestingly, the card does not only cover the individual whose name is on it. It as well covers some of his dependent relatives. This is just another type of health insurance benefit for United States citizens. If you do not have this card yet, go and apply for it. There is nothing like paying only 25% of your medical bills while the remaining 75% is taken care of for you. You have nothing to lose by grabbing this offer as it will save you lots of money.