www.benefitsupportcenter.com – Access Walgreens Employee Benefits

Have you heard about Benefit Support Centre before? In this article, I am going to tell you all you need to know about the center www.benefitsupportcenter.comswww.benefitsupportcenter.com

Benefit Support Centre is a site. Employee can access it 24 hours every day and 7 days every week.

It covers all the benefits signed up by Walgreen Company Employee. It gives employee a glimpse of their benefit plans and payroll.

Some of the Walgreen details that an employee should know are:

  • Paystub
  • Benefits
  • Find a doctor
  • HAS
  • Wellness programmed
  • Update benefit coverage

Accessing the Benefit Support Centre

For users to start using Benefit  Centre, they should follow these instructions:

  • Visit www.benefitsupportcenter.com

Users have two options to choose here. They should choose between Current Team Members and Future Team Members depending on their positions.

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Current Employees

  • Click on Current Team Members
  • Enter your User ID and password
  • Click on the Log On button

In case you have not registered, click on the New User link and put the following information:

  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Click on the Continue button

Former Employees

  • Click on the Future Team members
  • Choose from these 3 options
  • Medical Plan Cost Modeler
  • Benefits Highlights
  • Walgreen Career Connections

Access Via QR Code

Any time the benefitsupportcentre.com website is down, don’t panic. You can still access it via the QR code. Kindly follow this guideline:

  • Visit benefitsupportcentre.com
  • Click on the Quick Start Guide button at the bottom of the page
  • Employees that use iPhone can scan the page for the iPhone users section
  • Scan the QR code with your iPhone camera
  • Agree to open the website QR code message from your smartphone’s internet browser
  • Enter your Walgreen one ID and password
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You should get to the Benefit Support Page to access it.

Android users can follow the same steps to arrive at the same result.

Benefit Support Centre Details

Employees can access the site via Benefit Support Centre website. They can access it using their home computers, mobile device, smartphone or public computer.

In as much as employees have web browser and access network, they can visit the site. Through this, they can view their benefit account and their company benefit/payroll

Call Benefit Support Centre


Work hours is between 8am to 5pm EST

Call HR shared Service Toll Free Number

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Open Enrollment

During the time for open enrollment, Users will turn to Benefit Support Centre. This is where they will sign up for benefits for the next year and make benefit changes.

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