Money Network TotalPay Card – be in control of your personal accounts

Money Network TotalPay Card - be in control of your personal accounts

Do you use the Money Network TotalPay Card to get your payments through direct deposit? If so, you can access your account details by going to the cardholder support website at  The website is very easy to access as long as you have an internet connection. All you need is a phone, laptop, or tablet.  The website is also accessible 24/7. From there you can do a lot of things such as: paying your bills, checking your balance, transferring funds, upgrading to a visa card, and lots more. There is no better way for cardholders to be in control of their personal accounts.

Money Network TotalPay Card - be in control of your personal accounts

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Find FAQs regarding adding funds, spending and withdrawing funds, managing funds, disputes, … What are the costs associated with my Money Network Card?

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A. Each payday, yourwages are deposited into yourADP® TotalPay® Card (“Card”) and Money. NetworkTM Check (“Check”) Program Account. (your “Account”).

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Select Money Network card from ADP. TotalPay®. • Login to cardholder account. • View current balance, account summary and monthly statements. • Transfer funds …

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Both cards can also be used to transfer funds to a personal bank account and both also come with the Money Network Check feature. Q. Are there fees to use my …


After signing up for the card, you can use its services even when you are no longer an employee of the company. Users are free to legitimately deposit money into their accounts even if they now work elsewhere. Also, users can use their accounts to deposit money for child support benefits, spouse`s pay, and income tax refunds. The TotalPay Card is just like any other reloadable Visa Debit card. Once you have money in it, you can use it.

Additionally, to access your account online, go Supply your User ID and Password. If you are in the website for the first time, click on the First Time Users registration process. By now you already have Money Network TotalPay Card with 16-19 digits number on it from your employer. Supply the digits on the card in the Account Validation page, the CVC number and the expiration date of the card. Set up your login credentials by creating a User ID and Password. With this, you can always access your account. Be sure that your password is not easy to duplicate. Use both alphabets and numbers to make it strong. Also, when you use public computers to log into your account, ensure that you log out before leaving to avoid identity theft or fraud.

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Once you have successfully registered,

activate your account. You can do so by calling the customer service line at 1-866-402-1237. Follow the instruction the agent will give you to successfully activate your account and create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). After activation, you can always log into your account from whatever location you are.

Accessing your TotalPay Card account gives you lots of conveniences. It permits you to know, handle, and manage your payment details. Moreover, you can use the account to make payments for things you will buy online or at shopping malls. When there is a problem, you can easily rectify it instead of depending on the Human Resources Department for everything. Since it works like any reloadable debit card, you can use it the same way you use your reloadable cards.