Purpose Card – buy whatever you want as long as the money is in

Purpose Card - buy whatever you want as long as the money is in

Enjoy the Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card

Have you ever experienced credit card fraud or identity theft? If you have, am sure is not an experience you will like to ever happen again. It can be very devastating and annoying. Many people who have had this experience often look for another option to pay for their purchases without putting their personal financial details at more risk. To safely shop online, many now use a reloadable debit card like the Purpose Card for purchases. Let`s learn more about the Purpose Card below.

Purpose Card - buy whatever you want as long as the money is in

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Also, for individual who finds it hard to get a checking account with a credit union or bank, the Purpose Card is perfectly ideal. The card does not place any limit on your purchasing power. You can buy whatever you want as long as the money is on the card. Also making a payment is very simple and convenient. The Purpose Card carries a Visa logo, this makes it acceptable anywhere a visa is accepted as a means of payment. It works like a debit card, so you only spend the money you have inside it.

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get this Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card.

Just go to any of their retail outlet near you and they will issue it to you. Or at the Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card website, there is a retail location that allows you to enroll your zip code and address. Once you do this, it will show you a retailer shop nearest to you In case you don`t know any. After picking your card, add money to it with the help of the cashier. Whenever the money finishes, you can go there and reload more cash. No wonder it is called a reloadable Visa Debit Card. The card allows you to spend your own money and how much you want to spend without placing a limit on you.

Moreover, there are more than 130,000 reload locations in the country. You can always go there to reload your card. In any of the reload locations, they can help you to set up direct deposit through your employer and even to transfer cash from another Purpose Cardholder to your account.

Users of this card

can go for any card plan option they choose. For customers who do not use the card all the time, they can opt for the Pay-As-You-Go-Plan. The card comes with a monthly fee but certain individuals prefer to pay $1 for each transaction they make. Choose any option better and more convenient for you. This $1 fee is called Signature Purchase Transaction Fee.

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However, if you use your card frequently, you can opt for the monthly or annual plan since it will save you some money. Enjoy using the Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card.