www.dunkinrunsonyou.com Complete Customer Survey Online

Are you a Dunkin Donuts customer? If yes, this information is for you. When next you go to buy a donut, you will receive a free classic donut. The only condition to get it is to complete an online survey. The survey is like other online store surveys. The Dunkin Donuts store you made in your recent purchase is looking for feedback.

www.dunkinrunsonyou.com Complete Customer Survey Online

The feedback will help to improve customer service for the store you patronized. In the same way, it will provide ideas that could be used in every Dunkin Donut store anywhere.

How to Get Started With Dunkinrunsonyou

Do you want to complete the online store survey? If yes, you must follow the instructions below?

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Note that your Dunkin Donut store receipt should be ready. There is 18 digit survey code at the button of the receipt. You are to enter the code to begin the actual survey.

  • Enter the survey code
  • Click on the Begin Survey button

After this, you will be asked some customer service-related questions. These questions are related to your previous visit to the Dunkin Donut store. You are to answer the questions sincerely. After answering the questions, you give your feedback.

It should be noted that you are doing everything for the betterment of the store you visited. However, you are to indicate if the store is doing well and needs no improvement.

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Dunkin Donuts Runs on Your Customer Survey Info

There is something that is worthy of note. When you purchase the Drunkinrunsonyou customer survey, it will only last for three days. In that case, you should complete the survey immediately so that you will not lose your receipt.

You will be rewarded for completing the survey. You will have a reward of a classic donut on your next visit when you buy a medium or large beverage.


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