Country Living Magazine Online Customer Service

Are you a subscriber of Country Living Magazine? When complete your subscription for Country Living magazine, there might be issues you will need online help for. If so, there is a more convenient platform for all subscribers and you can take advantage of it.Country Living Magazine

You can now use the online customer service website to make changes about your subscriptions and as well manage your account. Country Living has also added a lot of subscriber options to the previous ones to meet the need of its customers. You can easily switch to anyone you want on your own without the assistance of a customer care agent. The web portal is very easy to access.

Country Living Magazine Online Customer Service

However, before managing your online account, you will have to log in. You can log in through any of the following steps:

  • Enter your account number written on your magazine mailing label. To find it, check the 2nd row of numbers at the top of the mailing label between CDS and 9. You will find a 10 digit number, that`s your account number.
  • You can as well use your email address and zip code to log in to your account.
  • The 3rd option is to enroll your name, address, city, state, zip code and county where necessary.
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Once you are able to log in, you can take advantage of the platform. Here on the website, you can check your account status, the expiration date, and make online payments through your bank account or credit cards and lots more. Also, you can change your mailing address, cancel your subscriptions and switch to new ones.

Moreover, whenever you have a problem, you can as well call the customer care agent with the 1-800-888-0128 number written on the magazine mailing label. You can as well email them on But there is hardly any problem you cannot solve on your own in the website.

What I love most about the website is the fact that you can easily make payments for your subscriptions. This is often a problem especially when your subscription suddenly finishes. But with this platform, you do not need to worry about anything. Also, the part of migrating to another subscription status or level even without the help of a customer care agent is quite interesting.

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There are as well frequently asked questions that can help you deal with any difficulty you may experience.

Other Options

Other options you can see and manage include:  switching to digital editions, reviewing gift subscriptions, temporary stop delivery, and duplicating subscription copies, managing promotional offers sent by mail or email and lots more.

The website as well as a section called Continuous Service Guarantee. This section helps the subscription to renew itself without even disturbing you at all. This ensures that there is no service interruption. Carefully review the mailing label in your possession to learn more about it.

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