www.work4estes.com- Estes Express Lines Jobs

Estes Express lines are America’s largest privately-owned carrier after 90 in buz. The company is committed to offering a safe environment for its employees and customers. Searching for a job? The company delivers responsive freight solutions to enable its employees to focus on the most important thing.

www.work4estes.com- Estes Express Lines Jobs

Work at Estes today and enjoy every benefit and perk the company offers, including competitive weekly pay, health insurance, etc.

How To Search For Jobs at www.work4estes.com

To find jobs near you,

Move to the online portal at www.work4estes.com

Go to the box and type to search

You can search using the location tab. It will help you find jobs near you, mostly when you have a particular location in mind.

Scroll down and tap on the Search tab.

It should present the search result on the new page.

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However, to get job alerts, kindly click on the Get job alerts button. The button is just on the home page, at the top of the search field.

After you select the get job alerts tab, follow the instructions.

Employees Benefits

The company offers amazing benefits to its employees. Here is the list of some of the benefits

  • Provides awards and bonus potentials
  • Offers a competitive weekly pay
  • A health insurance and well-being benefits
  • A paid time off

The above are some of the benefits workers enjoy. So enjoy these benefits, kindly apply for a job at Estes, if you Qualify, you will be given the job. Then, you are entitled to the benefits and perks the company offers its employees.

Applying for Jobs

To apply for jobs you will need to go to the website at www.work4estes.com

  • Search for and view their jobs openings
  • Once you findthe type of job you want click on the tab, to view more info about the job
  • Then scroll to the Apply Now button to apply
  • Proceed with the application steps
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What you need to know:

You can find jobs using the search tool or by contacting a recruiter.

However to make the search easier, create an online account

List of Jobs

Here are jobs available at https://estes-express.dejobs.org

  • Driver trainee- kent Washington
  • Terminal clearly 1 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Operations Manager,- West Chester, Ohio
  • Over the road driver – Markham, Illinois
  • Trailer Mecbabii- All Levels: West Middlesex, Pennsylvania
  • Terminal clerk 1; full time: Sun Valley, California
  • Local Driver Class B/NCDL: york, Pennsylvania
  • Terminal Clerk II: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Diesel power Mechanic – All Levels: Fort Wayne, Indiana.

However, to find more jobs tab on the website. Also, you can always search by state, City, or by Job title.

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To search by state, enter the state in the search bar and search.

To read about a particular job opportunity, all you need is to click on it. It will show you all you need to know about the job including its eligibility criteria etc.

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