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Loblaws is a Canadian supermarket chain. The company is also the largest food distributor in Canada. It was founded in 1919 by Theodore Loblaw and J. Milton Corkwww.mypaystub.ca +Loblaws Employee


However, the company offers an online platform where users/employee access their Paystub. However, employees can log in to the portal anytime any day. To access your Paystub read the section below

How To Login To Access My Lowblaws Paystub?

To access your Paystub, do the following

  • Go to mypaystub.ca
  • If it’s your first time, kindly click on the register button and follow the onscreen prompts. Will direct you to set up a username or password.
  • Provide your login details
  • Also, If you access your account. Thus, Yi will be on the pay statement email so password.
  • If you click the “ Pay statement,” it will show your Paystub along with a statement history.
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However, into your account platform you can select the email button to change your email


Loblaws Employee Benefits

Employees enjoy Loblaw Virtual Learning Centre, tuition subsidies, and similar plans to promote their employee development.

It offers all employees individual performance reviews monthly and uses these data for official purpose.

Offers facility of in-house surveys and outside consultant surveys

Loblaws also offers several Performance recognition programs such as individual performance bonuses, peer-to-peer recognition awards, on-the-spot rewards, etc.

The company also provides music, television, comfortable seating, casual seating in the head office, private phone booth, sit-stand workstations, etc

It also provides other exciting Loblaws employee benefits,  perks, and discounts for its employees, for more details read below.

Other Amazing Employees Benefits

Here are other features, benefits, and perks Loblaws workers stand to enjoy

  • Career planning and In-house training initiatives
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • It offers Buddy programs such as orientation, VP onboarding program, management development training.
  • Employees enjoy an additional time-off
  • The company offers 2 or 4 weeks of paid vacation and other additional paid day off is available
  • Workers get vacation allowance
  • New workers get a 3 week paid vacation is available
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Healthcare plan

Lowbaws provides multiple Loblaw Healthcare plan, though it may vary by position

  • Enjoy dental coverage
  • Offers Routine, restorative, orthodontics, etc
  • Health plan
  • Provides traditional coverage on prescription drugs, employee assistance plan (EAP), physiotherapy, medical equipment and supplies, nutrition planning, chiropractor, semi-private hospital room, medical travel insurance, massage therapy, podiatrist, osteopathy, etc


Family Benefits

Offers a maternity top-up: Up to 75% of salary for 17 weeks

Workers get parental top-up: Up to 75% of salary for 11 weeks

Adoption top-up: Up to 75% of salary for 11 weeks

Provides flexible working hours, telecommuting, compressed workweek

It offers academic scholarships of up to $1,500 per child is available

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Financial benefits

It offers a defined-contribution (DC) pension plan, life & disability insurance

Workers enjoy long-term planning

Provides life & disability insurance

Enjoy year-end bonuses, which is available to all employees

Offers a share purchase plan, also available to all employees

The company provides a corporate discount program, 10% Colleague Discount Program, PC Financial Pet Insurance, Loblaw Optical Discount Program, etc.

Signing bonuses are also available for some positions

Workplace features

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