www.at.ford.com – Access Ford US Paystub Online

Are you an employee of Ford Motor Company? If yes, this article is for you. Employees of the said company should visit www.at.ford.com.www.at.ford.com – Access Ford US Paystub Online

This site is where they can access their paystub and yearly W-2 forms online. The site open for employees 24 hours daily and 7 days weekly. The site has links to many of Ford company services. For assistance, employee should follow these guidelines.

How to Use Ford Paystub Login

Do you wish to access your ford check stub directly? All you need to do is to follow these steps to get to the actual login page. The first step is to visit the @Ford Online homepage (at.ford.com). The homepage is in a magazine format. It has a lot of Ford information including links at the top of the page.

  • Find and select the Inside Ford link at the top of the page
  • From Inside Ford page select U.S. Employee
  • From U.S. Employee page select U.S. Employees: Your pay
  • From Hourly Employee Site select U.S. Employee: Your Pay
  • From Hourly Employees Your Pay page select Your Paystub/ W2 icon
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In the last page, employees can login and have access to their employee paystub. The login screen is specifically At.Ford.com for employees, salary earners and retirees. They are to use it with their login credentials (user id/password)

Ford Employee Paystub Login Details

Before you try to access the site, you must have your employee login info. In case you have forgotten your user id/ password, select the “forgotten user id/password” hyperlink for online assistance.

As you get logged in, you will be able to see your paystub online electronically. You will equally see the some information that is displayed on the paper check. You will see information like: name, address, wages earned, tax withholdings, company deductions, etc.

Employees can create a shortcut of the My Ford Paystub login in their browser. This will spare them the rigors of logging in through the home page of @Ford Online.

Ford Paystub Reminders

You can save your paystub to your computer when you login to MyFord Paycheck. You can as well send to your printer if you want a hard copy. Three days before payday, paystubs are already available. You can login for information. You can find paystubs in archive storage.

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Direct deposit is always available on the company designated payday. If you are registered in direct deposit, you should take note of that. Questions related to Ford Paystub should be directed to Hourly Personnel office. You can also direct it to Labour relation office. Questions like contact info changes, change to tax withholdings, put stop payment on check are to be directed there. To be directed there also are questions about your pay rate.

Ford W-2 Info

Hourly and salaried employees of Ford will get a paper W-2 in their mail. They can also use the online w-2 from My Ford Paystub account to file their taxes electronically. The total payment received during the last pay year will be displayed in your w-2.

Do you wish to make some changes to your tax exemptions/withholdings? You will fill in a new w-4 form and take it to your hourly administrator for processing.  The changes can take up to two pay periods to be effective.

Ford HR Online Paystub FAQ Section

Questions relating to Ford paystub online can be directed to the FAQ section on the Hourly Employees Your Pay page. In the following topics, questions are usually asked by the page lists: deductions, paystub, taxes/w-2 and Money Network Payroll.

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For you to see questions that are always asked, browse through each section. Phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and other links are available to assist, in case you have any questions.

Forms are also available for download at My Ford Pay. Such forms are: the Ford Credit Payroll deduction, United Way deduction enrollment, stop payment request and direct deposit enrollment. The forms are available online for you to download anywhere. You don’t need to come to the HR office for it.

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