Chatbot – How Chatbot work and Interact with Human

Chatbot- also known as chatterbot, is a computer program that tally conversation of human beings via text or voice interactions. Have a re-thought over how messages been sent on social network platforms are replied promptly. This is all backed by computer programming called the Chatbot as it is used to achieve this task.

If you must have used social networks, you will probably have engaged in an activity with this Chatbot ignorantly. That sounds harsh but it is only a few that are informed.

Chatbot – what is Chabot?

Do you ever think of what causes prompt response on social media this far before now? Listening to the above hint will push you to know more about Chatbot and see what its capacity is up to.

Thus, Chatbot is as well known as chatterbot. It is, however, a computer program that runs to initiate a conversation via text or voice command, in other words, these acts as a spokesperson for any form of artificial intelligence that business owners use for sales and service.

However, this is commonly used in all departments that deal with consumer relationships, the company market and so on. Otherwise, the most company that is out for social media marketing often time make use of this Chatbot. Thus, it a marketing function in marketing strategy.

How it Works

Looking at the dimension at which this works, you will notice that this thing puts humans in a very comfortable condition, thereby making them feel that they are having direct interaction with humans.  Some popular Chatbot as of the 1970s works with the interface of turning test > such as Eliza and Parry.

Moreover, Chatbot is built on AI technology which is popularly in use. It will lecture you to learning so many natural languages and processing machine language algorithms and lots of data such as the case of Robot Sophia.

Chatbot Approaches

In Chatbot, there are significantly two approaches that are in use. They include the Stateless while the second is the Stateful.

A stateless Chatbot approach manner has to do with interaction with any of the new users. On the other hand, the stateful talks about past interactions. Perhaps, they try to frame some new responses in the context. Often time, this is more complex.

Commercial Benefits of Chatbot

The commercial context is because it is most useful in companies that offer services, sales, in order to build a more conversational interface in their business.

There is more to gain than lose using Chabot. Thus, it requires coding. Furthermore, they are useful in business and consumer markets. The latest upgrade in Chatbot has made clients less compliant because they get a response as urgent as possible.

This software has covered the gap between tech advancement, thereby changing the society from passive society to text and conversational communication.

Uses of Chatbot

  1. It is the fastest means of responding to instant messaging (IM) and online game interactions.
  2. It can be applied to business-to-consumer (BC) and Business-to-business sales(B2B)
  3. It serves as a buddy list in providing a single game player as it interacts with one human player. Perhaps, he or she has no idea that he is interacting with the computer programs.


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