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Windstream is as well known as Windstream Holdings, Inc. or Windstream Communications. This company is one of the largest providers of phone, internet, and email services to rural communities in the United States.Windstream email Login

The company was formed in 2006. But before now, it was named Valor Telecom as of 2000. Then the company went viral in 2005still bearing the name Valor communications group, Inc. In 2006, Windstream Corporation was formed through the spinoff of Alltel’s landline business and merger with VALOR Communications Group.

However, new subscribers that create a Windstream account will be given username as a free email address which is their Windstream username attached with

Note: Customers who use prior legacy email addresses before transitioning to Windstream can log in with these older email addresses. This is because of the migration from valor to the Windstream.

Furthermore, the Windstream email account is an account that is made inconsiderate of 50MB of storage space which can be accessed through a webmail interface or email programs such as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail.

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Some subscribers make use of the former method to check messages on their Windstream account. this is not quite bad because the same webmail interface is still in use for, or even as your email login.

Windstream email Login

Don’t be bothered about the login process because it is very simple to login to your Windstream account. Your own is to get your username and password ready so that we can go ahead with the process. How can I locate the login page? The Windstream login page is located at When you enter the URL on the search bar of your browser, you will be taken to the login page. Now, locate and login link on the page window.

Afterward, you are expected to fill in the following details into their respective space. At first, type in your details – username and password. Confirm if the information provided is correct and then click the “Login” button to get access to your messages.

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Note: also take note that your username is your full email address with the corresponding password. The essence of this login can actually help you to also configure many aspects of the account via the webmail interface as well as setting up the ‘From’ and ‘Reply’ addresses, an email signature, vacation message and email forwarding as the case may be.

Currently, most email accounts come with GB of storage, so the 50MB inbox space from Windstream is can be maneuvered as a waste. However, many subscribers quickly exceed this allotted quota because most recent files are now becoming routine of big files, digital camera photos, music, and videos.

But this can be resolved as well. If you fall under this situation, there are two things one can do. The first is to get rid of bulky messages or download the Windstream email to your computer using an email program


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