Sage Payroll Software – Understanding How Sage Payroll Software Works

Sage Payroll Software - Understanding How Sage Payroll Software Works

A sage payroll software module is created to help you handle your payroll complexities and help you ensure that you are making the correct deductions when you are processing your employees’ payroll.

Sage Payroll Software - Understanding How Sage Payroll Software Works

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Flawless payroll management software is business-critical. With Sage payroll management you can get it right every time, seamlessly and smoothly.

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Our short videos show you how to set up your payroll, process a pay run, and submit information to HMRC, helping you to get the most from your payroll service.

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Payroll software, like Sage Payroll, allows you to automatically pay your employees, manage deductions and withholdings, and file your taxes.

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Sage HRMS Payroll is an HR system used by businesses of all sizes across all industries. It enables organizations to process pay in-house.

What is Sage Payroll?

Sage Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution that is designed to cater to small and mid-size businesses across various industries, to help them manage their payroll operations. It is a solution that can also be deployed on-premise.

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Sage payroll enables users to pay their employees via direct deposit, pay cards, or company-generated checks. It is a solution that offers multiple reports to the users for analysis. The Sage Payroll’s, features include a report-writer tool, GL export capability, delivered checks, as well as support from a named dedicated payroll expert.

Why Sage Payroll Software

Sage payroll software makes in-house payroll preparation easy. And efficient, offering you the ability to process at a. Fraction of the cost and time of a manual payroll system or outside service bureau. Also, it helps simplify in-house payroll preparation, payroll reporting capabilities. Offer high-level, insightful business data as regards employee deployment and costs. For more informed business decisions.


  • Firstly, reduces the burden of processing payroll and deduction calculations.
  • Secondly, helps streamline your payroll data entry process
  • Thirdly, enhances security with in-house processing
  • Also, processes multistate and local taxes
  • Tracks benefit accrual and 401 (K) accounts
  • Helps file W-2 forms electronically using Federal and State eFilling and Reporting
  • Allows you to add Direct Deposit and save more time, money and the environment
  • Integrates with Sage HRMS (previously Sage Abra HRMS) module for a more specialized tracking and planning of employee benefits although additional e-filing fees may apply.
  • Sage Payroll can integrate with systems like Sage 50, Sage 100, and QuickBooks.
  • Sage can be combined with time and attendance solutions to track PTO, overtime, and tardiness.

How Sage Payroll Software Works

Also, to offer employees a convenient, secure alternative to getting their checks at work or in the mail, add the Direct Deposit module and reduce the time and cost of processing printed payroll checks. Payroll instantly applies earnings and deductions, calculates employee and employer payroll taxes, and prints checks and vouchers complete with year-to-date earnings and tax information. Now, all current federal and state tax tables are included and updates are provided as an on-plan Business Care benefit.

You can quickly print quarterly and annual payroll reports and W-2 forms needed by various tax authorities. Now information flows through to Federal and State eFilling and Reporting, which allows you to e-file. When used alongside the Direct Deposit module, improve employee satisfaction while saving time, money, and the environment by towing the paperless line. Save the cost of printing, storing, and securing your preprinted check forms.

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One essential feature of the Sage 100 ERP payroll module is its ability to process earnings for more than one tax jurisdiction (state or local) for each employee per pay period, produce a single paycheck as well as retain the information for disclosure later on quarterly reports and W-2 statements. Understand that extensive information is maintained for each. Employee, including date of birth, emergency contacts, review dates and comments, marital and tax status, year-to-date earnings, and deductions, and vacation, sick days and other and accrued benefits, and of. Course, the payroll module has garnered award-winning Sage customer and technical support.