The Seattle Times – best on Local news, sports, entertainment and others

What could be the aim of the Seattle Times?  The Seattle Times gives you the best on Local news, sports, entertainment, restaurants, politics, and opinion for Seattle. However, the Seattle Times deals with trusted news updates from Washington, US. We can count on Seattle for original reports via

The Seattle Times - best on Local news, sports, entertainment and others

 The Seattle Times

Seattle also handles a daily newspaper in Washington, United States, standing as the biggest circulated newspaper in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. It all began back in 1891. But until this time, you can easily get information on Seattle without residing in Washington and the rest of the places they cover. This is because, you can now do all you want and read all the news on business, sports etc on their website. You just need to move to the website and fetch what you want.

Over the webpage of Seattle Times, you have categories of news specified for great speed access and more. Go ahead and select the news of your interest. To enjoy the news that matters, you have to choose a subscription plan. To do that, let’s get started.

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Seattle Times Subscriptions

We have at least three subscription plans you can choose from for your news update, let’s see what it offers.

Unlimited Digital Access: This plan gives you leverage to unlimited desktop + mobile access to and also unlimited access to their iOS app and the Seattle Times Print Replica.

The Digital + Sunday delivery: this plan allows you to enjoy unlimited desktop + mobile access to and also the iOS app and Print Replica. But aside from this, this plan has a unique service which is the Sunday Home delivery access. This service cannot be accessed under the first plan above.

Digital + 7-day delivery: Just as the name sounds, you can get 7 day home delivery + unlimited Digital delivery.

Seattle Times Registration

You can join us for your special offers on trusted news by following the below guide:

  • Firstly, move on to
  • Secondly, click on the “Create an account” link on the page.
  • Thirdly, you will be given the option to register with your Facebook account or Google account. Now select either of them that you want to use. Or continue with the email address.
  • Fourthly, provide your email details into the required space and move on
  • Next, enter a password for at least, six characters and should be case-sensitive.
  • Also, choose a username and enter your full name
  • Agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Now click on create an account when you have completed the form with your valid details.
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With this, you have simply created a Seattle Times account for yourself. To log in, simply visit the homepage again but then, located the sign-in link on the page. You get to see a piece of information that requires your responses, get in your details as required, and then hit the login link. If you forgot your password, simply hit the Forgot password button beneath and follow up the process.


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