SEARCH SITES AND ADDRESS DIRECTORIES. In searching for an email address or looking for old and new friends, the following sites can be very helpful:TEN EMAIL SEARCH SITES AND ADDRESS DIRECTORIES


MyLife pulls public information to create automatic profiles. To find someone, you enter the name and age or approximate age. The details of those you are searching for can be seen if you are a registered member. The site however has been the subject of several lawsuits.


It is a social network to meet friends on the web. Though not as popular as it used to be, a person can still find ways to get in touch with old friends, acquaintances, and possibly artists. It is free and the site is appealing. The downside here is its info can sometimes be inaccurate.

  1. Info Tracer

Info Tracer offers comprehensive reports and a five-day trial is made available. The site gathers information from social security records, blogs, and others. It offers lots of categories though expensive.


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The free reverse email lookup is a source of finding authentic information about people’s backgrounds and identities via their email addresses.

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There are plenty of email lookup tools available to help you find any person’s email address. Here are 21 of the best we’ve found!

Find email addresses in seconds • Hunter (Email Hunter)


Enter a domain name to launch the search. … Get the email addresses behind any website. … Verify the deliverability of any email address.

  1. Reunion.com

Reunion.com searches for comprehensive results that get you back in touch with persons you know. This search can be carried out by name or school and you get to see who’s looking for you. Its interface is basic and easy to use.

  1. That’s Them

That’s Them offers several search options. It is free and includes a personality test and reverse lookups. Its search results though can be mixed and it has weak customer service.

  1. PeakYou

A person can search PeakYou’s profiles for people and even contact them by name, school, or company. The basic search results are gotten for free and it pulls data from a variety of sites. However, the site is plagued with lots of ads.

  1. ICQ White Pages

ICQ is one of the oldest modern messaging apps. Old and new friends can be found here using the directory of the ICQ users. Registration is easy and mutual friends or persons you know are displayed. Its user base has fallen over the years.

  1. Email Sherlock

It smartly searches public records, web services, and directories such as online calendars to return data and details about the person behind an email address. It is free and searches popular email services and social media.

  1. Yasni

Yasni searches social networks, web, blogs, Amazon wish lists, and its own records for whomever one seeks. It receives new search results by email and if searching for someone yields no result, you can immediately create a missing person ad. Yasni however has privacy issues.


Lastly, XING is a professional networking site that helps you find and connect to businesses. It has over sixteen million members and a special Ambassador program available for cities with a large user base. Its primary focus though and the possible drawback is the German-speaking market.

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