Skyward Bridges The Gap With Just Skyward FBISD Login

As children turn school age, parents due to their tight schedules transfer everything about the child to the teachers. They have little or no checks on the academic activities of their children, they hardly peep into their take-home assignments. To this end, the only time they’re open by chance to see their outcome is when the final report card is brought home.

Even schools have braced up to beat the task of parents by providing pickup buses that pick up children every morning and drop them at their doorstep every morning. So it’s possible that parents may not have physical contact with their children’s school there may be a deep yearning for that.

Skyward has noted this need and developed an app to bridge the gap.  Skyward is a software company founded by Jim King in 1980, Skyward’s school software is being used in over 1700 K-12 school districts throughout the world. One of these districts is the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) in Sugar Land, Texas. Through their software and the online Skyward FBISD login, parents can now check their children’s school records from the comfort of their office and be more involved in their children’s academic life. This has received a lot of positive reviews and you too can tap into it by registering an account today:


  • Visit the home page from your browser.
  • Click on “New Student Online Sign up” in the bar on the left.
  • Choose the option that suits you: Option 1 (New Fort Bend ISD Family) or Option 2 (Existing Family Access User)
  • For Option 1:
  • If your family is new to the District and does not yet have a Family Access login, the first step is to request one.
  • Visit
  • Enter the required legal parent/guardian of the student’s information: Legal First Name, Legal Last Name, Legal Middle Name, Legal Name Prefix, and Legal Name Suffix.
  • Enter contact details: Email Address and Primary Phone Number.
  • Click on “Click here to submit Online sign up Account Request”.
  • Once you receive the Family Access login at your given address, you can log in by visiting by visiting
  • Click on “Login to Family Access”.
  • Enter your Login ID and Password.
  • Click “Sign In” and begin sign in.

For Option 2:

  • If you are an Existing Family Access User, simply log in by visiting
  • Click on “Login to Family Access”.
  • Enter your Login ID and Password.
  • Click “Sign In” and begin sign up.

Once you have enrolled, contact the zoned campus to schedule a meeting and bring the required documents to the appointment. These documents include:

  • Birth Certificate or its equivalent (for students below the age of 12).
  • The most recent grade transcript or report card.
  • The official record of health check stamped or signed by the physician.
  • The proof of residence (deed, lease or mortgage agreement) and a recent utility bill (electric, water, gas).
  • Social security card of the student, or an ID number assigned by the state.
  • A photo ID of the student’s parent or guardian (issued by the government) which has their FBISD address (ID Card/Driver’s License).

You can take a great look to see what is happening to your child with just app.