Texas Roadhouse Bill

Texas Roadhouse is an American steakhouse that focuses on steaks in a Texan and Southwestern cuisine style. Thus, it is a subsidiary of Texas Roadhouse Inc, which has two other concepts. However, Its headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Texas Roadhouse Bill

Moreover, The chain operates about 666 locations and it’s known for its free peanuts at each table along with free Fresh-Baked Bread with honey cinnamon butter.

With what the restaurant offers, Customers can take advantage of contact-freeordering and payment. Also, at the point of going to the restaurant, they can order without touching the menu and make the payment without touching a receipt. Wow! It sounds great!

Customers can achieve this, using QR codes which can scan a barcode and see a digital menu and pay via their mobile smartphone.

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Texas Roadhouse Mobile Payment

Here is how to make you’re your payment

On your check, the QR code is already printed on it.  All you need to start as a Guest is to Scan it.

Alternatively, do this

  • Go to https://txrh.ncrpay.com/ from your phone browser
  • Fill out your 6 digit code from the check
  • Then, tap on the “View Check” button (green color)
  • Proceed to review the check details.

Processing payment

After you tap on the view check tab, you will get a digital receipt to review your order. Below are the continuation steps and what appears on the screen.

  • It will show items you ordered including their cost  each
  • Tables down your order with how much is owed for payment
  • Provides option for shifting tip for the waitress
  • Receive digital receipt
  • After reviewing your other proceed to checkout
  • The payment moves Straus to the Aloha POS notifying the server.
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NCR Mobile Pay system enables restaurants to take mobile and contactless payments. Guests can easily review their Texas Roadhouse Mobile Payments. View Check and more.

However, Patrons will get a text message when their table is ready and digital menus let diners to scan a barcode to see the complete menu on their mobile phones.

Redhouse QR Codes Payment Benefits

Find out the various benefits and features of paying through the Texas Roadhouse QR code

Using the TR touchless pay method lets users or customers and companies enjoy a new safer Customer experience.

Check out the following benefits that come with the payment platform

  • There’s nothing like Touch experience
  • It offers servers higher tips
  • It enables a fast, easy, and complete contactless medium of payment.
  • Offers NCR mobile pay for Aloha
  • You don’t need to download any app to access the platform.
  • It also offers an amazing experience touchless medium with no need to touch extra hardware or Devices.
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These are the basic benefits and features of the contactless payment system.

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