Paychant | Paychant help Nigeria Accept Other Crypto

What other alternative do you have aside Paychant in making your cryptocurrency come true?  It is the number cryptocurrency payment method of Africa. With its aid, you can switch for Bitcoins and other digital currencies as it suites various businesses of such dealings. It is quite fast, easy and efficient to work with a reliable cryptocurrency online payment service.Paychant

They are lots of volatility risk associated with cryptocurrency which paychant has taken precautions to avoid them. The assurance came from paychart board that it won’t affect merchant funds on the platform since they have placed crypto to the fiat settlement system. However, the system can then convert all crypto payment into local currency at the present rate of the account you receive automatically.

Note: earlier, paychant supports only Ether and Bitcoins. Until 2020, they are out to add up more digital currency platform.

Benefits of Using Paychant online payment services

  1. No chargebacks. This means that there is no reverse of any accounting entry.
  2. It offers global payment. What this does is to measure the equivalence in your traditional markets by the volatility index.
  3. It ensures that all payment is measured in traditional markets by volatility index. Thus, there is no crypto volatility.
  4. The set is made free in regards to cryptocurrency.
  5. It has no limitation in terms of business size or even sales volume.

Tools used in accepting paychant cryptocurrency payment

  • It supports Point of Sale for both Ether and Bitcoins payments. Thus, business owners can accept direct crypto payments.
  • There are already platforms such as e-commerce where you can display and sell your product.
  • Create a payment page system to accept Ether and Bitcoin’s payment for subscriptions and services.

How to create Paychant account

To create Paychant account requires you to visit the website at However, click on create an account on the left side of the page. The next page will lead to the account dashboard where you have to enter your details. Details needed to involve email addresses, passwords, and your country. After that click on create account tab.

While choosing a password, ensure you choose a strong password that contains numbers, character, capital letters and as well as symbols. It must at least be 7 and above digit.

Paychant Login account

If you have created your account, then you can now login to your account using the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on the login tab at the top right of the page.
  • Next, fill in your email address and password in the space provided and click on the login tab.


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