Kohls is a department store that is always a step ahead of others through the excellent services and great customer experience they offer. My Kohls Charge – – provides you with credit cards that come with the best benefits possible.Register your Kohl’s Charge account online and take advantage of these features:

  • Free online payments
  • Access to statement and transaction history
  • Account maintenance
  • Go paperless

The best thing about it is that you won’t have to pay any amount of annual fee in order to have its benefits and advantages. In order to get to know about your My Kohls Charge account and card, you need to follow the simple steps that are outlined below:


You need to ensure you register and activate your card first so you can have access to the numerous benefits it offers. In order to do that, you have to utilize the card number which is the twelve digits on it.

While activating the card, you would be asked a few security questions. However, you can be certain that your information will be kept safe and secure and no one would ever be able to get hold of the information submitted by you. All this information will be added to the official website of the company which is


After getting done with the myKohls Charge Card register, you need to go ahead and sign in using your account at

For that, utilize your username and the password. In case you cannot remember the password, all you would need to do is to mail the company and you will get the new password instantly.

Discount Deals

The Credit Card will give you the advantage of having a discount of almost twenty percent upon the first usage of the card. Not only this but spending up to six hundred dollars will make you eligible for some more discounts.