Google Maps | Google Maps Directions | Maps.Google

Google Maps | Google Maps Directions | Maps.Google

If you’re traveling by foot, car, bicycle or even a commercial transport system to a strange destination, you don’t need to keep asking for directions. With your Java, Android, iOS or Windows phone you can access Google Map.

Google Maps Directions provides you with a real photo of destinations, clear address, and destination with clear streets along the route, perfect “off-ramp” and freeway transitions and more. Now you can boldly walk into that new town with Google Maps as your travel guide to help you find your route. We recently talked about Mapquest driving direction. so,

For quick Google Maps Directions direction click here

Similar to map quest and yahoo maps, Google maps give you – satellite imagery, street maps of your destination, 360° panoramic views of streets that give you an overview of the street, accurate real-time traffic conditions of your destination. Google Maps Directions is the best navigation tool developed by Google to ensure proper and safe navigation to that new route of yours.

Google Maps Directions is the world’s number one map service provider with its web and application-based services. It was developed by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen in October 2004 and later acquired by Google.

One of the great features that make Google Maps distinct is its development of API (JavaScript API, API for Adobe Flash and web services) that connects third-party websites as well as provides a clear location for most urban businesses and other firms across the globe.

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Google Maps Recent Features

Google Maps keeps updating to meet up with your needs even before they arise. To make Google maps more reliable, Google has made several updates and the addition of several features to Google Maps.

The service now has – extensive JavaScript, Locations are now drawn by positioning a red pin which is composed of transparent PNGs, the introduction of JSON for data transfer. Others are – Ajax interface buildup, MapsGL for renderings and smoother transitions while using the service and finally the introduction of Google Street View.

Google maps also have – Offline Guidance, Search, Multiple Views, Car Dock Mode and Walking & Transit.

Google Maps is just unique.

Google Maps for mobile and other Mobile devices

Google map for mobile devices was introduced in the year 2005 (for Java-based phone or mobile device). It came with lots of convenient features that are found in the web-based service. Google maps users have to wait for a later date before the service was made available – Android, iOS, Windows, and Nintendo users. So besides the web-based service, users can also access Google Maps by downloading the app to their device. It is that easy.

How To Rate and Review Cities Using Google Maps Directions

You can Include a rating or survey to a city. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps application maps.
  2. Touch a spot on the guide or hunt down it.
  3. At the base of the screen, swipe up on the name or address.
  4. Touch the stars to score a spot or compose an audit.
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See a rundown of spots to audit.

On the off chance that you have Location History turned on, you can see a rundown of spots to audit. This rundown depends on spots you’ve gone by.

  1. Open the Google Maps application maps.
  2. Touch the side menu > Your commitments > To-do.

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Google Maps Domain

Google maps exist in several world’s domains. To get the best of Google maps for your local country and driving directions of that new country, login to the country’s Google maps domain. Below is the list of Google maps domain for each country:

Country                                     Email Domain

Google Map Argentina    

Google Map Australia           

Google Map Austria            

Google Map Belgium (French)

Google Map Belgium (Dutch)   

Google Map Brazil               

Google Map Canada (English)  

Google Map Canada (French)            www.qc.

Google Map Colombia            

Google Map Croatia             

Google Map Czech Republic

Google Map Denmark             

Google Map Finland            

Google Map France             

Google Map Germany             

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Google Map Greece            

Google Map Hong Kong         

Google Map Hungary              

Google Map India

Google Map Indonesia  

Google Map Ireland

Google Map Israel

Google Map Italy

Google Map Japan

Google Map Malaysia         

Google Map Mexico

Google Map Middle East

Google Map Netherlands

Google Map New Zealand

Google Map Norway

Google Map Philippines

Google Map Poland

Google Map Portugal    

Google Map Romania    

Google Map Russia

Google Map Singapore 

Google Map South Africa

Google Map Spain

Google Map Sweden

Google Map Switzerland (French)

Google Map Switzerland (German) www.

Google Map Taiwan

Google Map Thailand    

Google Map Turkey

Google Map United Kingdom www.

Google Map United States www

Google Map Vietnam www.maps.

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