Foxmail 5.0 – great features that make email easy and fun.

Foxmail, an excellent email client developed by Tencent, comes with loads of great features that make email easy and fun. However, it doesn’t support IMAP accounts and its message editor lacks basic text (re-)formatting tools. In this article, you will get to read about the pros and cons of Foxmail, a detailed description of its features, and a review.


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Foxmail 5.0.800. Foxmail is an email program with many useful features and a pleasant interface. 4.2 (19 votes). 7.2.22 (See all)

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Foxmail 7.2.21 2021-04-06 · New: Log in to QQ Mail with QR code or password · New: Tencent Email users can view the read status of colleagues in the sent emails …

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Foxmail for Mac V1.5.02021-03-01. New: Calendar. You can create new events, add event reminders, etc;. Foxmail for Mac V1.4.32020-11-19.

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Foxmail is a freeware e-mail client developed by Tencent. Contents. 1 History; 2 Usage; 3 Reviews; 4 References; 5 External links. History[edit].

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Foxmail is a small, fast, yet powerful internet email client program, supporting almost all of the email functions, including HTML mail, S/MIME, multi-language, …


  • Firstly, foxmail is easy and fun to use, with mail notification features.
  • Secondly, foxmail comes with good spam filtering options and supports email security​.
  • Thirdly, Foxmail supports HTML and stationery.


  • Firstly, foxmail lacks support for IMAP
  • Secondly, the message editor can’t properly re-wrap text
  • Thirdly, training the Bayesian filter included in Foxmail is a bit cumbersome


  • Firstly, Foxmails manages multiple POP, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail email accounts for multiple users.
  • Secondly, Foxmails lets you also manage POP accounts remotely by previewing and deleting mail at the server.
  • Thirdly, support for HTML messages lets you view and compose rich messages in Foxmails.
  • Fourthly, Foxmails offers a number of stationeries and lets you create flexible custom templates using macros.
  • A remote mailbox component lets you preview and delete mail directly at the server.
  • Foxmails offers flexible mail filters and labels to organize messages.
  • Both rule-based and adaptive Bayesian spam filters can automatically spot junk mail.
  • Foxmails supports S/MIME message encryption and digital signatures.
  • Foxmails supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.
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Review – Foxmail 5.0 – Free Email Program

Foxes are known for their smartness and Foxmails lives up to that image. This excellent email client has a lot more to offer than the first impression might suggest, and Foxmails combines the funny and the useful in a great manner.

Take Foxmail’s stationery, for example, which can come with colorful HTML formatting but also serves as flexible message templates for repeat messages.

Other great Foxmail features include a remote mailbox tool, powerful filters and simple, but effective message labels, Hotmail access, and support for multiple users.​

Both rule-based and Bayesian spam filters are there to take the junk out of email. Unfortunately, training the adaptive filter, essential for high efficiency, is a bit cumbersome.


It’s also a drawback that Foxmail doesn’t support IMAP accounts, and Foxmail’s message editor could use a bit more power. All in all, Foxmails is powerful, but easy to use and fun, though.