Steps For Finding a New Job – How To Find a Job For Me

Steps for Finding a New Job

If you are looking for new job, you have to know the best way to begin a job search, find companies who want to interview you, as well as get hired, which is we bring you these steps for finding a new job.


Engage Sites to Find Job Listings

Find out the best sites that you can use to find job openings.Finding a New Job, job banks, company websites, networking sites, niche job sites, as well as sites listed by type of job. Another alternative you can catch in on is by working with a recruiter to maximize your opportunities.

Streamline Your Job Search

Utilize the job search engines to locate jobs by using keywords that match your interests as well as the location where you’d like to work. Narrow your search criteria so you can focus on your job search, which will give you more relevant job listings to review and eliminate non-relevant job listings to help you better concentrate. You can make use of advanced search options to drill down to the location where you want to work as well as the specific positions you’re interested in.

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Build a Professional Brand

You can start by creating profiles on LinkedIn and other networking sites. Having a strong personal brand will give you a professional image that will give employers and contacts a strong positive impression about you as a candidate they should consider for hiring.

Link Up With Contacts

After you’ve created profiles on networking sites, use them. This, you can do by connecting with everyone you know, because any contact might turn out to be useful to you in your job search.

Make Use of Job Search Apps & Tools

Currently, there are a variety of apps, widgets, gadgets, as well as tools that can aid you in expediting your job search to help you save time and manage your career. You can use them to organize your job search as well as save valuable job searching time. Another plus to this is that you can manage your job search activities from your smartphone or tablet.

What are the Companies you want to Work For?

Make a detailed list of the companies you’d love to work for,  by creating a list of companies to target in your job search. Get all the necessary details you need on the web about potential employers. After you’ve compiled a list of employers you’d love to work with, reach out to the said company to get your application in. You can also sign up, to get email notifications for new job openings immediately after they are posted.

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Target Your Resume &  Cover Letter

Script out a targeted resume and cover letters that specifically connects qualifications to the hiring criteria for the jobs you are vying for.

With this, the hiring manager will be able to see at a glance, why and how you are qualified for the job, which puts you in a better chance of getting an interview.

Prepare for the Interview

Prepare in advance for an interview that may come, so as to succeed when one comes along. Do a research on the company before you go for the interview, dress appropriately, practice answering and asking interview questions, because the interviewer needs to be impressed with your skills, experience, confidence, and expertise.

Follow Up

After an interview, it does not have to end there. Follow up after an interview and thank everyone you met with, and also reiterate your interest in the position and remind as well as make the hiring manager see reasons why you are an excellent candidate for the job.

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Sending a quick email or note expressing appreciation,to the interviewer for his/her time will put you in a good light.

Either Accept or Decline a Job Offer

If after the interview, you are given a job offer, take out time to carefully evaluate the offer to enable you to make a decision whether or not to accept it. If you want to decline the offer, do so in a polite manner. If you want to accept the offer, but do not find the conditions favorable enough, you can negotiate the terms by making a counteroffer, or may even negotiate some extra perks which would make the job more rewarding.

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