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BidorBuy is a reliable e-commerce site that you can use to make a purchase. BidorBuy is one of the top sites in South Africa for Buying and selling online. The site is actually one of the top sites in Africa’s internet Boom. However, if you are connected to the internet, you will have access to this service.BidorBuy

But there is an age barrier. And guess what? You should be at least 18 years and above to be able to access it. Furthermore, there has a mobile app that is compatible with any device type.

Would you not want to know how this platform runs? As a leading online marketplace, it has created a safe and convenient way for an individual to buy and sell online. You are allowed to sell your products at a fixed price or auction price.


BidorBuy considers the average number of people out there and has decided to stand as an English language e-commerce website that is based on internet marketing. As long side with that, BidorBuy runs the sales operations in South African rands (currency). On the same occasion does BidorBuy follow the eBay business model.

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Is BidorBuy Reliable?

BidorBuy offers services such that your payment is not made directly to the seller’s account but directly to BidorBuy. They render unique service by assisting customers if need be. BidorBuy goes a long way to make its services the best by allowing the sellers to submit their proof of residence as a sign of reliability.

Need for sales on

If you have the aim of selling sophisticated tools for eCommerce then you should consider the South Africa eCommerce site as it is a great site for such sales.

BidorBuy App

With the app, you will get the best online shopping right on your smart device. Do you have the app on your device, and then you are ready for shopping. If not you will have to follow our guide below to get it installed on your device. Some features of this app are as follows;

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Feature of BidorBuy app for buyers

  • You can view the seller ratings
  • Smart shopping is allowed.
  • You get to see over 25 categories that you are eligible to shop from.
  • You can search through varieties of products.
  • Presence of accurate and fast search bar
  • Shoppers can keep tracking of their goods.

For BidorBuy sellers

  • You get to manage orders, sales, and also view their listings.
  • You can create your own listings directly from the app.
  • You can enhance your listings by boosting your products or items in order to attract buyers or customers to it.
  • You can upload the pictures of items
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The app is used by sellers and buyers, each having its features.

How to Download BidorBuy App

Follow the below guide to get the app installed into your device.

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple play store and search for BidorBuy on the search box.
  • Click the first one displayed from the list of filtered results.
  • The download page will open after the click. Click on “Get” or “Install”.

Then, the app will be installed on your device immediately.

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