A Console in the Cloud: Google Unveils “Stadia” streaming service, Looks to shake up video games

Stadia – a new game streaming service unveiled by Google. With the idea o leveraging their experience in a cloud technology was to shake up the video game world and as well as, becoming a threat to its fellow tech giant that operates over the same gaming platforms.Console in the Cloud

The search giant’s announcement compromises to accelerate the industry’s evolution away from high-end hardware in the living room and toward streaming technology in the cloud. What could this be?  This move by Google has put pressure on existing game platform providers like Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve, Sony, and Apple. Although, Microsoft has been preparing to launch its own Cloud game streaming service for the cross-platform gaming.

What could Stadia look like?

Stadia has acquired a console entirely and according to the proposal, it will be launched in the US, Canada, UK and most of the European countries as reviewed by Google according to the company. Yet, no pricing was announced.

It is not yet over! The company announces a Stadia controller  having a dedicated button that is used for sharing and saving gameplay on YouTube and as well a button that fetch help from Google Assistant via an in-built microphone.  We can illustrate a potential threat that Amazon’s Twitch faces as a result of the connection of Google’s Dominant video platform.

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Google unveils ‘Stadia’ streaming service, looks to shake up

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Google unveiled a new gaming streaming service called Stadia on Tuesday morning, looking to shake up the video game world by leveraging its

A Console in the Cloud: Google Unveils “Stadia” streaming service …

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Stadia – a new game streaming service unveiled by Google. With the idea o leveraging their experience in cloud technology was to shake up the video game.

Google unveils video game streaming platform Stadia

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Google’s new video game streaming serviceStadia, is set to shake up the $135bn-a-year industry by encouraging gamers to move away from …

A console in the cloud? Google looks to shake up video games with …

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The eyes of the video game world are on Google this morning, amid widespread speculation that the tech giant is preparing to unveil a new gaming service.

Together with Project Stream, the Search giant projected its gaming ambitions as a test that allowed gamers to play streamed versions of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Chrome web browsers. The game was meant to be streamed and ran from a Google data center instead of the user’s hardware.

According to the CEO of Google, “he mentioned that they were at the moment testing if they could stream high fidelity graphics over a low latency network”. Though this was made during the opening remarks of the event (MARCH 19, 2019/ 9:56 am).  My conception from the event says that we could bring a Triple-A game to any device via the Chrome browser as long as we have an internet connection. This could be the best tool for creating a powerful game platform.


Some other people like Phil Harrison (Former Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation executive) contributed in reviewing that the company was able to stream games at 1080p and 60 frames per second while the test was ran. Thus, there are now leading the Google’s gaming initiatives.

The idea to jump directly into a game from a YouTube trailer without any downloading process was figure out by Harrison while previewing the features of Stadia service. However, “No longer a generation of gaming box” as he said because with Stadia, the data center is now your platform. There is no longer console to limit the creative ideas of developer and finally, no console to limit where gamers can play.

With the streams connect; this feature is capable of aligning multiple streams of multiplayer and cooperative gaming. With your Smartphones, tablets and some other devices like your PCs and TVs, you can access the features inclusively the ability for cross-platform play. In all-round ramifications, Harrison compromised for Comprehensive Parental controls.

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Also, Google announces its own first-party games studio, Stadia Games, and Entertainment in partnership with the existing game developers.  The platform as proposed will be headed by Jade Raymond (founder of Ubisoft Toronto and Motive Studios) new addition to Google’s executive team. Now that Stadia is the driving force structuring the successive games and entertainment “by Jade Raymond” and as the operator of a large-scale cloud platform, Google will further launch a streaming service.

Now the new technology has been pushed resulting from the decision-makers and as well the data centers that have got all around the world. We appreciate for the effort says the “Kotaku”.

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