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Want to pay your Medicredit payment? If you receive a letter from the Medicredit company about the due debts, go to their website. Online payment is very easy and convenient. With a few taps on the payment page, you’re good to go.


However, you will be learning how to clear your Medicredit debt in this write-up. By the time you read to the end, in one touch you will pay off your debt.

How To Make Medicredit Payment

To make your Medicredit payment, do the following

Navigate to the website at www.medicreditcorp.com

You will need to provide the following info

Account number


Social security number – last four digits

Telephone number

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Date of birth

The above data will be used to verify your account. With this, you will access your unresolved debt, and also the creditor where you incur the debt from.

Second stage: your account will display the following

  • The name of your creditor
  • Your old account number
  • The Service date
  • The total balance you owe

If you agree with the debt, proceed to make a one-time online payment to clear the debt

Make payment by Phone

Apart from online payment, you can pay off your debt by speaking with the customer service representative the Medicare customer support Agent is very much set to help customers pay off their debt over the phone.

Is Medicredit legit?

Medicredit, Inc is a legitimate company. It was established in 1977 in Missouri, headquartered in Earth City, MO. The company is a growing collection agency in the US. Find out more about the company in the section below.

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What Is Medicredit?

Medicredit is a debt collection agency in the US. The company is probably on your credit report as a ‘collections’ account. Mostly when you forget to pay a bill.

However, if a collection is on your credit report, it’s damaging your credit score (unless you remove it).

Also, the company’s name (Medicredit) may appear on your credit report as;

“medicredit titanium”, “medicredit corp”, “medicredit corporation”, “medicredit collections”, or “medicredit, inc.”.

Customer service Phone Number

Search for the phone number for Medicredit Inc customer service (& debt collections)?

The customer service phone number is (800) 888-2238.

Note; before placing a call across for your bill payment, ensure you verify that their info is accurate. And also, if they are reporting false info on your credit report, you can dispute (& remove) it with help from Credit Glory.

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