Pay Complete Recovery Services – third party debt collection agency

Pay Complete Recovery Services - third party debt collection agency

The Pay Complete Recovery Services is a third party debt collection agency. They help creditors recover their money from chronic debtors who have not paid their debts. In case you recently got a debt recovery letter through the mail from Pay Complete Recovery Services, you can start paying your debt through them.

Pay Complete Recovery Services - third party debt collection agency

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Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc or CPRS is a thirdparty collection agency based in Florida. CPRS has received consumer complaints alleging …

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(CPRS) is a licensed thirdparty agency that collects debts owned by other companies. Retailers use our client, Certegy Payment Solutions LLC (Certegy), for .

Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc. – BBB › profile › collections-agencies › c…

Complete Payment Recovery Service, Inc. (CPRS) is a licensed thirdparty agency that only collects debts owned by other companies. We do not collect for …

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(CPRS) is a debt collection agency located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. They specialize in collecting the following types of debts: auto loanscredit cards …

Before you start making payments,

consult one of their representatives to verify your debt. Be sure that it is the exact amount you owe that is written there. If it is not, start immediately to work and correct the figures. Also, schedule your payment option. This involves deciding how much you can afford to pay monthly or yearly, payment dates, and how long you will pay off your debts. After making these arrangements, you can proceed to start making your payments. It is very important to agree on what you are certain you can pay monthly.


To make your payment online, go to  This website is open 24/7 and you can access it from the comfort of your home with your phone, computer, or tablet. You can as well pay through Checks, by phone, Western Union Quick Collect, MoneyGram, regular or priority mail. It is easier and faster to pay online. The payment reflects on your account immediately you pay and there are no additional charges like that of some of the offline payment platforms.

Once at the website

supply your claim or control number written on your Complete Payment Recovery Services letter. Supply the number in the Pay Now field, Click the pay now, and enter your payment option. On the online portal, customers can only use bank drafts from their checking account to make payments. Make sure to enroll your bank`s routing number and account number you intend to use for the payment.

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Moreover, if you have questions about your account or payment details, just call the customer service care number. The number is 1-800-873-5869. The agent will guide you to solve your problem.

Always make your payments at the due date you scheduled with Complete Payment Recovery Services to avoid problems. In a situation that you discover that you cannot pay on time, call the customer service or the agent you spoke to at first before you started making payment. He may help you to reschedule your payment option. Note that paying your debt is a way of gaining your financial freedom. Once you start paying, continue until you pay off the debts completely. Sometimes you may be discouraged because your debt is too much but don`t give up. If you patiently pay completely, you will become worry-free and be able to save, invest, and take care of yourself and your family properly.

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