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Have you bought any contact lens made by Alcon Laboratories? If your answer is yes, there is good news for you.www.alconchoice.com – Rebate Form Submission Online

Do you know you can receive a rebate for buying the lens?

What you will do is to visit Alcon Consumer Rebates Centre online.

Rebate claims can be initiated through the website 24 hours in a day. Consumers can download a form, fill it and return through mail

Submit AlconChoice Rebate Form

As stated before, there are two ways to submit your rebate form. They are: online and mail.

Follow this guide for the two ways

Submitting online:

Visit www.alconchoice.com

Also, There are some details you must have ready before visiting AlconChoice website to complete the form. They are:

  • 1 original UPC code for each brand of lens purchased
  • A copy of your eye exam receipt and or contact lens fitting
  • A copy of original sales receipt with the eligible contact lens produced circle
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At the website, the online form doesn’t take long time to complete. Get started:

  • select your email address
  • Click on the Continue with the email button
  • Enter your first name
  • Also, Enter your last name
  • choose your password
  • Click on the register
  • An email verification will be sent to your email
  • Click on the verification link in your inbox
  • Enter your login credential
  • Set up your rebate account properly
  • You can start your claim and return to check on your claim status from your account online

You have to upload the above mentioned items with your claim at Alconchoice.com

  • UPC, eye exam receipt/contact lens fitting receipt sales receipt
  • Unique rebate code
  • Required contact info

Also, When you are done submitting the rebate online, Alcon will send you a mail. Through the mail, you will be instructed to obtain your rebate reward.

There will be options for you to choose how your rebate will be delivered to you.

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Submitting through mail

Though the online option is faster and payment processed quicker, but for the benefit of those who might submit through mail, download an Alconchoice form and print at www.alconchoice.com

The following details should be included in the online process

  • 1 original UPC code for each brand of lens purchased
  • A copy of your eye exam receipt and or contact lens fitting receipt
  • A copy of the original sales receipt with the eligible contact lens circle
  • Kindly take the photocopies of your entire submission for record purposes
  • Your Alcon Rebate Code

Furthermore, Send it to the following address:

Alcon Choice Rebate Programmed Headquarters

Po Box 2100

Wayne, NJ 07474

Please wait for 8-10 weeks to process your rebate

Expect an email from Alcon with instructions on how to obtain your rebate reward.

Alcon Choice Rebate Customer Service

Call 1-855-344-6871


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