Taz Visa Credit Card Application

Taz Visa Credit Card is issued by First National Bank. It’s a perfect CC for your daily shopping. Moreover, its credit line increase opportunities and also report to all three major credit Bureaus.Taz Visa Credit Card Application

Get the card today and Stand out, an easy-to-use card for everyday purchases. People who wants to get the card can easily apply online. However, there other ways one can apply, but the online method is a bit faster and convenient.

You will be learning how to apply for the card online, register for online access and also how to login and pay your bills.


Taz Visa Credit Card Application Requirements

If you meet the application requirements below, you can proceed to apply

  • You must be a US resident
  • Applicants must accept offer on or before the “Reply By Dates l” printed on the application.
  • You must meet the minimum credit criteria
  • Provide details of your income
  • Must be up to 18 years old
  • Applicants must meet debt to income requirements
  • You must not have any other CC offered by First National Bank.


Apply For Tax Credit Card Online

Did you receive a pre-approval letter for Tazcc? If Yes, begin the application process.

However, to begin the application process online, take this steps, under;

  • Navigate to Taz CC page at tazcc.com
  • Provide your reservation number and code
  • Press on the “Get started” tab
  • Provide your income, montage/rent amount
  • Enter your employer details
  • Enter your SSN and address
  • Scroll to the “Submit” tab and click on it
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You can now wait for response


Tazcc Account

You need to enroll for Tazcc online service. With this service, cardholders can be able to manage their account, such as

  • Checking account balance
  • View your statements
  • Monitor your transactions
  • Pay bills
  • Get alerts to keep in touch on your account activities
  • Update your account info and many more.

Proceed to sign up for an account


Sign up For Account

To sign up , go to www.tazcc.com

Tap on the “Not enrolled? sign up now” box

Provide your account number and its expiration date

Type in your 3 digits card security code, located at the back of your card.

Provide the last four digits of your SSN

Next, tap the Continue tab.

Setup your login ID and password and follow the prompt.

You now have an account, you can login anytime any day to manage your account.


Taz Visa Credit Card Login

To log on to your account and pay your bills, is very easy, take the procedure below;

  • Visit their homepage at tazcc.com
  • Scroll to the login section at the top of the page
  • Input your username in the first empty space
  • Then, followed by your password
  • Hit the “Login” widget
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If you forgot your login credentials, kindly select the “Forgot username/password?” link and follow the prompt.

With this login steps you can proceed to pay your bills.


Taz CC App

Login and access your Taz Visa® account virtually anywhere, anytime with the Taz mobile app. Users can check their account balance, pay their bill, view transactions, and lots more.

The app is available for download on the google play store/Apple app store.

Kindly launch the app store on your phone, search for the mobile app and click on the “Install” button.


Customers Service Phone Number

If you lost your card, kindly call on the customer service specialist immediately. Wasting time risks the safety of your CC balance.

Contact the specialist at : 1:888-803-6634. Available 24/7

Residence in US

You can write to this address:

Taz Visa

PO Box 5081

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-508


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