The Process Of Shell Credit Card Account Online Login | Apply Here

Shell is an international company dealing with petrochemicals and energy-related products. They are spread over 70 countries and employ more than 87,000 people. Shell is trusted by many and renowned for their strategic approach towards solving the energy challenges that Earth will be faced with in the near future. As a part of its aim of accomplishing customer satisfaction and assistance of the highest value, Shell offers a variety of Shell Credit Card Account Online to suit the personal needs of their customers, which includes:

  • Shell MasterCard
  • Drive for Five Card
  • Shell Saver Card
  • Shell Federal Credit Union Standard and
  • The Platinum Card

Each one of these cards has different rewards and different payment options.

Shell Credit Card offers its customers an opportunity to save money on their fuel charges. In order to avail their benefits, a purchase of $500 has to be made, on which the customer would be charged 10 cents a gallon. If the customer spends $1000, a reward of 15 cents a gallon would be given.

  • Shell Fuel Card

The main purpose of the shell fuel card is to help in increasing the energy savings of businesses of every kind, operating worldwide. Fuel expenses make up more than half of the expenditures of the majority of the businesses that deal with transportation, whether it be for cars, buses or trucks. Shell Fuel Card, in addition to providing discounts on fuel charges, also provides assistance for the management of one’s accounts and handling monetary queries.

  • Shell Mastercard

Shell MasterCard offers up to 20 cents off on the first one hundred gallons every month. One additional feature is that one can use the 25-year grace period to pay off one’s entire balance each month in order to avoid being charged extra on account of the interest charges. Moreover, it has no additional fee. ShellMasterCard credit cards are accepted at over four million locations for purchases, and to obtain cash. Every new Shell FCU MasterCard Credit Card qualifies for a low introductory rate of two percent for the first twelve billing cycles.

Other Benefits Of The Shell Credit Card Account Online

  • Further benefits of using Shell Cards are that it not only offers a discount on the purchase of fuel at Shell stations but one can also use the Shell card to pay for any purchases at a Shell station, be it food, oil change or repairs.
  • You will be able to receive automatic account alerts, like payment reminders, balance updates, and account activity warnings.
  • Not only this, but the company will also send you a text message regarding your balance, transaction history and whenever you have to be informed about the payment due date.
  • Furthermore, getting eStatements is quite convenient, and makes your life secure and environmentally friendly.

Shell Credit Card Account Online Logging In And The Benefits

Each month, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready.

  • Once you have the card, you can get these free services by logging into Online Banking and clicking“Credit Card” on the left side under Services.
  • After that, you need to choose your card and click “Submit”.
  • You will be redirected to the GoToMyCard website at to manage your credit card options.
  • Click Products and Services on the top navigation bar. The options on this page will allow you to enroll and change your service options.

When you’re done shopping online, make sure to follow all safety precautions to keep your card secure. You can also find the Shell sign in and registration/sign up process easily and quickly with our Shell step by step guide. You can ‘vote up’ the best answers or ‘vote down’ the bad or incomplete answers to make the Shell search listing more transparent and useful.

How To Apply For A Shell Card

In order to be able to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits applicable to a Shell card, one must first apply for the card, here is how to apply:

  • First, visit this link Select the option “Not a cardholder? Apply now”
  • Select the card of your choice and scroll down the page to apply for it online. One of the key requirements of this is to have a valid social security number and a photo ID.
  • Now you need to fill out the online application with your personal details.

Please Note that Shell usually contacts their card applicants within 30 days, and the card is sent to them within a period of 14 days.