Strategic Planner Job Description

A strategic planner job description involves identifying the long and short-term goals of the company and developing strategies to accomplish these goals.Strategic Planner Job Description

Strategic Planner Job Description Template

The strategic planner’s job description template has been optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company.

A strategic planner should be a results-driven strategic planner who can assess the short and long-term goals of a company and suggest ways to accomplish them. The strategic planner is also expected to conduct market research as well as analyze industry trends.

To be a successful strategic planner, you must have excellent analytical skills. A good strategic planner should be able to use sound logic to make observations about the company’s current methods as well as where improvements are needed.

Companies are looking for a strategic planner who will help define it’s company’s direction and develop plans to realize it’s business objectives. The planner will help the company maintain it’s a competitive advantage and allocate resources appropriately.

Strategic thinking is the most important skill in this role, thus the strategic planner should be analytical with strong organizational abilities. Also having experience in market research and business operations will be an added advantage, because ultimately, you will help the company adapt to changes and grow.

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Strategic Planner Responsibilities

  • A strategic planner should be able to assess the company’s goals.
  • Should identify areas where improvements can be made in the company.
  • Should research industry trends.
  • A strategic planner should conduct market research.
  • It is expected that a strategic planner prepares reports on strategy ideas for senior management.
  • It is expected to present research findings to senior management.
  • A strategic planner should assess sales metrics to gauge the success of new strategies.

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Strategic Planner Responsibilities: · Assess the company’s goals. · Identify areas where improvements can be made in the company. · Research industry trends.

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Strategic Planner Requirements

The following are the requirements needed from a strategic planner;

  • Should have a degree in business, finance, marketing or a related field.
  • Is expected to have prior experience as a strategic planner or business analyst.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are required.
  • Must have excellent knowledge of industry strategies.
  • I possess the ability to solve the problem.
  • Must possess the ability to interpret relevant data.

Strategic Planner Skills

A strategic planner is expected to possess the following skills;

Should be a good public speaker.

A strategic planner should be a strong self-learner with a passion for their industry.

Must be experts in their industry and on what their company offers.

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They should understand their company’s core values as well as the founders themselves.

I have to stay on top of industry trends, which often involves going to networking events and following industry publications.

Skills Required to Get a Job as a Strategic Planner

To develop and implement market research strategies within the market research team.

To create and analyze financial and budget reports to improve the company’s financial health.

We should be able to analyze key sales performance indicators to help improve sales results.

Must be willing to collaborate with other departments to work on overall business strategy.

To create presentations and data visualizations to present proposed business strategies to decision-makers.

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