Payment card info

Payment card info is an amazing money management tool that enables payCard employee to access and manage their account online. However, employee can also access their accounts by downloading the payment card info app. The application is available on the Apple app store and google play store.Payment card info

On your account portal, you get to do the following;

Check your balance

– access account activity

– Analyze your spending

– View statements

– Pay a bill and lots more.

If not for any other thing, but because of the features above, payCard employee really need to access their account.


Payment card info Portal

You don’t have a prepaid payCard account yet? If yes, you need to sign up ASAP. After getting your payCard the first thing is to sign up for an account, which serves as registration. Navigate with the procedure under, to get started

  • Locate the payment card info portal at
  • On the homepage, find the enroll button and click on it
  • Clone the card number box, enter your prepaid payCard number.
  • Select the “Begin enrolment” tab and follow the directions on the screen.
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During the registration process you will have to setup a username and password, plus security questions. So have that in mind. Ensure you write down your password and username in a book, incase you forget any, you can still retrieve it.


Payment card info Login Portal

Do you want to access your account? Accessing your account gives you access to the features like

Viewing your account balance

Accessing your account activity

Breakdown your spending and access your statements

Lastly make online bill payment.

So to login and do any of the above,

  • Proceed to
  • On the official portal, locate the login tab and select it
  • Then key in your login credentials
  • Press on the login widget.

If you forgot your password, find the Forgot your password button on the screen and follow the instructions afterwards.

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Benefits And Features

Employee enjoys lots of benefits and also gets access to lots of features via the payCard account.

  • Cardholders enjoys a more convenient way to receive their wages
  • Cardholders, also gets quick and faster way of paying bills
  • Free from queueing just to cash out checks
  • Gives you confidence to shop
  • Cardholders can manage their funds on Web, mobile app and text alerts.
  • It saves you time


Payment card info Mobile App

The mobile app seems like it is more convenient to manage one’s account/funds. The mobile app lets you manage your account, just like the www.paymentcardinfo does.

On the mobile app, Cardholders can login to their accounts, manage account, access statement, see account activity, Pay bills. And also change their password

How To Download The App

To get the application on your mobile phone, ensure you have a network connection.

Visit the app store or play store app on your phone. Locate the app, using the search tool to find it.

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As soon as you find the app, click on the install/buy button. For iOS users, it may require you to key in your Apple ID and password.

The app will take few minutes to download, though the download speed depends on your network connection.


Customer Service Phone Number

Reach out to the customer service representative 24/7. Dial: 1 833 848 5768 to speak with a representative.

I believe they will help to tackle the issue or question.

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