Every employer should have his employees at heart. Making employees feel important, motivated and more comfortable is what every employer must do. It’s not an uphill task actually. That’s why Marriott has launched its own Marriott Extranet to facilitate their employees and partners to access some important details about the company with ease at www.4myhr.com. International partners and associates, Consultants, Contractors, Separated Employee and Vendors all are authorized users of this site.www.4myhr.com

Marriott Extranet is a secure site that gives them access to the company’s information which is proprietary and confidential. It also enables them to download and upload information about Marriott, they can share files and data and keep their business records among others.

Marriott International, over 90 years still remains passionate about the comfort of its customers and employees, that’s why they occupy the top of the list of lodging businesses worldwide. They ensure their employees are well-trained, expert and up to the date in their field.

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Moreover, they believe that, if franchisees and associates are also trained and resourced, they can further grow the business by keeping the customers happy. So, Marriott has developed this Global Source Extranet website for training and grooming of its employees, franchisees, and associates. The portal contains a lot of educational tools on Hospitality, Hotel Management and much more.

The website enables the secure transfer of data and information within employees and between business partners and vendors; they can also find deals on hotel rooms and vacation packages here. Also, Marriott employees can access all HR services through their extranet account.

You are advised to read the disclaimer page before starting the signup process. Only eligible users are allowed to sign in.



  • To login to your Marriott Extranet account, visit their website at www.4myhr.com.
  • There you will see a login page asking you your Enterprise ID and password. Enter both and click ‘Sign in’.
  • If you have forgotten your ID or password, click ‘Forgot your ID or password’ option below ‘Sign In.’ Choose your associate type from the drop-down menu in front of ‘Enterprise ID (EID) and Password help’ to recover your EID or password.
  • For sign up of your new account, click ‘Forgot your ID or password’ and choose your type of associate from the drop-down menu in front of ‘Enterprise ID (EID) sign up.’
  • You can also Sign In using your Security Key. For Security Key, authentication error assistance kindly contacts at the Marriott Systems Support Center at +1 (240) 632-6000.
  • If you forgot your password or ID take help by clicking the appropriate link for Help/Support.
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In existence for over 90 years, Marriott Int. is among the top companies in the hotel and lodging industry worldwide with its head office at Maryland, USA. About in 80 countries it has more than 4,000 properties and has globally 360,000 associates who are managing franchised hotels and resorts.


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