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Many are not aware that when they take a survey at, they get a gift. Yes! That is very true. Any survey you take with them in that site qualifies you for a gift. Interestingly, the survey does not take time, neither are the questions hard. This survey is usually online, you only have to say your mind based on your experience from the product you have purchased from the store.Krispy Kreme

However, you do not necessarily have to lie. You only have to be plain about your experience. If you think their services are satisfactory, you say so. But if you feel that there are areas they need to create more value, then you say it. After your survey, your input goes to the corporate office. They give you a reward in the validation code. You use the code to get a full box of doughnuts at your own convenient time in the store. I am sure this sounds appealing to you.

Do You Want To Take The Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey?

If you really want to take the survey online, follow the following instructions:

  • Carefully find your store receipt from your last visit to Krispy Kreme.
  • Go to www.krispykremelistens and supply the 15 digit code on the receipt.
  • Click on Start and start answering the questions at your disposal.
  • Make sure to be truthful and let your answers we well guided.

What Kind Of Questions Do I See At Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The questions are usually about your general experience as a customer of Krispy Kreme. This includes:  how frequently you visit Krispy Kreme, the purchases you make and the cleanliness of the store. They usually want to know if the customer service gave you attention.

Also, they demand to know if you love the quality of the products and services they offer and as well the kind of treatment you received at the store. Your sincere answers give room for Krispy Kreme to improve on both the products they offer and the services they give. This improvement on their part will make you, their client is happier. Isn’t that so?

Additionally, at the end of the survey, you can either submit your comments only or choose to sign up for the friends of the Krispy Kreme program. Signing up for this permits you to receive deals and promotions to your email inbox. You can sign up by supplying your email address.

When you submit your comments, Krispy Kreme sends you a validation code. It is important to save the code and use it to get your yummy free dozen of well-made doughnuts in your next visit to the store.

Since you now know about this gift, why not take the survey and enjoy your glazed dozen of doughnuts?


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