How to Manage the Lifecycle of Your Company’s Computers

What strategy do you have to maximize the value of your company’s investment over a computer? Though this equipment really ages what can you do to enjoy all the value of your investment? This is where we have to come in on how to manage the lifecycle of your company’s computers.Lifecycle of Your Company’s Computers

In as much as, so many companies can recycle and get rid of old personal and mobile equipment,  so many other uses their computing devices so well so that they can keep the price of the new equipment down. We could also say that most times these companies tend to recycle their equipment.

Perhaps, they undergo a food chain. It all revolves around starting from super users getting the latest equipment down to the average and rare users. Thus, if the equipment is still capable of discharging its duties, it can still move down to specialty functions. Finally, it gets to a charity or a recycling bone-yard.

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However, to achieve the full benefits of using IT assets, the company should ensure to meet the longest possible lifespan for their equipment by applying proper usage, maintenance and also reassignment. However, we will help you figure out how to reuse equipment from current or former employees, steps that should be carried out by authorized individuals.

Some of the ways of managing your computing equipment so that it can last longer includes;

Apply the rule of Lease, don’t buy.

What this is trying to pass across is assuming you enter into a three-year lease for 500 PCs with a vendor, ensure you use them as lease and then get new equipment after that three-year mark. With this, you will avoid your company from having depreciating equipment.

Use thin computing

If you practice this, it will help you secure corporate documentation as long as it is not left unattended on hard drives. Thus, this is mostly in use by most company employees and as well few power users.

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Initiate the BYOD over your company-owned PCs and mobile devices as it is a strong policy that will enable your employees to use their equipment. The BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device.

Conduct employee auctions

In case your company’s equipment has depreciated in value but can still function, companies can also offer it to their employees on a cheap buyout or auction basis. Sometimes, these devices can still serve one person instead of the entire company.

However, the importance of having a policy over your equipment is the reason why it will last as long as the possible lifespan. If you understood any of these methods as stated above, you can use one to sustain your company’s computer to a maximum lifespan.


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