Google News App | Reasons you should use Google News

Google News app is the best place ever that you can find news. We can now say that this news app is doing better off than the Apple news app. Thus, you can as well get this app for your iOS devices via the store. Also, for Android devices, you can as well get the app downloaded to your devices via the Google play store. Isn’t Google amazing?Google News app

Google News app has a way of putting to your view news from different angles which you find most interesting.

How Google News App work

You need to get this app to your device first. Then if you have it, it is very easy to use. Open the app; the first tab brings to you current trending news that you would want to read. However, the interface of this app is programmed to support artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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With the aid of location navigation, it will as well bring to you both local news and weather forecasts to every user.

 Google News app – job and opportunities

Over this app program, you get to see job opportunities and other opportunity stories. To some, they believe that they will one day come across the opportunity of their choice. And what this means that the platform serves as a media for ads. Not just job opportunities, other issues that matter to life can be discovered.

Some other interesting part of this platform is political news, tech matters, and pro wrestling. News’ is made understandable as it easy for you to search for headlines. It is fun to see relevant tweets arranged in a chronological series as to how the story began.

There is no alert for fake news in Google News as it collects and curates similar articles and news clips. Upon integrity has Google stood in presenting news in full coverage. This full coverage of events will take away doubt as they present events is with evidence.

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Benefits of Signing up for Google News App

Though there are so many benefits you get but the best among them is free news and trust.Even though you may have to pay for news from Washington posts. But aside, you will get the latest news posted at your home once you sign up for the Google News app.

Distinguished difference between Google News app and Apple News app

  • While Google news shares articles via the original address, Apple news will present you with the URL scheme. Though the apple links redirects to the original sites, those that make use of android and PC’s will not.
  • The manner at which Google News presents the latest news is preferable because they have one in mind for you and the other for headlines. Though the headers are not customized for the users as it allows readers to locate information.
  • Google News also put your saved articles in a favorite section. At the same time, place the search button at the top left corner.
  • Every piece of information published on their platform is easier to understand as it matches your interest.

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