Panera is a great place for fantastic cookies, well-baked bread, as well as delicious coffee. If you want to try some amazing soups, this would be the best place to go.

Do you like to give yourself a treat sometimes? Then you should be familiar with Panera. The bakery has been working for quite a long period and is known for its delicious items.MYPANERA

To facilitate their users and enhance their services, Panera offers you a card that you can use for your payments.  This has distinguished them and set them apart from their competitors. The Panera cards can be activated through their website,


If you know how to pamper yourself with food, the process to Activate MyPanera Card will provide you with the opportunity to have as many food items as possible even if you don’t want to make an instant payment. The card is basically a value card and with its help, you can get some amount of money loaded onto it and use it later to eat your favorite food items. The amount of money that will remain in the card would be your credit.

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Follow the simple steps:

You will get the card after purchasing it from the company. However, to use it, you would have to get it activated. Its activation will also provide you with my Panera login which will be done through the official website. The process is really simple and there are some simple steps through which you can do that.

Ø The first step in the process of activating your card is to go to the official website of the company which is

If you are already registered on it, you would be able to see the mypanera rewards list otherwise; you can get it registered by clicking on the icon that lets you complete the process of getting the myPanera member card.

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Ø The company will provide you with a code of registration along with a card number. To register your card and get to know about your Panera card balance, you need to use that while getting the card registered. By continuing, you would be able to see all the information related to the billing as well as the credit you are left with.


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