Sally Beauty Club Card – Renew Your sally beauty club card

This article is for Sally Beauty Club Members who wish to renew their membership. Renewing one`s membership will keep the person card from getting expired. All the individual need to do is to go to Sally Beauty Club online portal and follow specific instructions provided there.You can access this portal at any time of the day as it is open 24/7.

All you need is a device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet with an internet connection. So if you just got a mail about a renewal postcard, you can take it to any Sally store next to you when visiting again to show the store associates for renewing. It is not stressful at all, just show it while checking out of the store and the management of the store will handle the rest. They have no intention of stressing you at all.

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Do you know that you will not renew your membership without any benefit? Members always get a free gift as well as $5 off their next purchase. If you have not renewed your membership you can go ahead and do it now as you stand to enjoy some benefits.

Thoroughly review the postcard you got in mail to see the type of free gift you will get. There are even more than 300 gift items that you have the opportunity to choose from. Some individuals as well get a $7.99 gift value, you can choose any product within this price range.

At the website of Sally Beauty Club, members pay a fee for renewal, the fee is $5. This is very cheap compared to what members of other beauty clubs pay to renew their membership.


You can pay this fee in the website by adding the Beauty Club Card Renewal to the cart, in this case, it is easier for you than paying it offline. Once you pay the fee, your card becomes renewed immediately and your new expiration sticker will come to you through the mail. You can place this sticker on your card.

It is very important to note that you keep your card safe at all times. It is irreplaceable, if you lose it, that`s the end of it. Only the sticker can be replaced whenever you renew your membership. You have to do whatever you can to keep your card very safe, be very careful.


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