Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number

Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number

Closing a credit card without having the account number is still very much possible since credit card accounts are often connected to your personal information like your social security number

Make Sure It’s OK to Close the Card | Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number

Close a Credit Card Without the Account Number

It is better to leave some credit card open so as to enable you to consider which credit cards to keep and the very one to get rid of. Never forget this statement: don’t close any credit cards with balances or your only credit card with available credit, your oldest credit card, and the credit card with the best terms.

If there are balances remaining in the credit card,  pay off the balance before closing the credit score and also the moment you contact the credit card issuer make sure they have your correct address on file with a credit card statement mailed to you so you can verify the amount and pay off the balance.

Payment on installment or payment in full can be negotiated between you and your credit card company.

Contact your Credit Card Company to Get the Account Number

Are you finding it difficult to contact your credit card company? Search the website of the card company and look for a Contact Us link on the site to find a contact number.

Call the card company and let them know you have an account with them but that you no longer have the credit card or the credit card number. Some information to look up your account would be requested for by the customer service representative.

Close the Account through a phone call 

Write down the account number or last four digits of the account provided by the representative for future purposes then you can now place a request to have the credit card closed.

Follow up the card closing in written form

Send a certified letter to the credit card issuer confirming your request to have your credit card closed, do this after closing your credit card through a phone call. While writing the letter include your name, address, and last four digits of the account number. Make it known that you’ve requested to have your credit card account closed on whatever date and that you want your credit record to reflect that the account was closed at your request.​

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